JavaScript PDF Viewer Overview

19 May 20221 minute to read

PDF viewer for JavaScript is a visualization component for viewing and printing the PDF documents in web pages. It is powered by HTML5 or JavaScript and provides various customizations.

Key Features

The key features of the PDF viewer control are listed as follows:

  • Uploads the PDF document into the server as byte array or stream and displays the same in the client.

  • Views password protected or encrypted PDF documents.

  • Allows customization of the default toolbar and creation of your own toolbar.

  • Provides magnification tools and view modes for better viewing experience.

  • Supports built-in themes for enhancing appearance.

  • Supports responsive rendering while resizing the control/window.

  • Supports text selection and search.

  • Supports text markup annotations.

  • Includes handwritten signatures in the PDF document.

  • Prints the PDF document with the changes made.

  • Downloads the PDF document with the changes made.

  • Supports localization to adopt to the machines culture and language.

  • Compatible with all the modern browsers that provides HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript support.