18 Apr 20171 minute to read

Essential Calculate enables to parse and evaluate the formulas. These formulas are equations which performs calculation on values. It allows the user to add extensive calculation support for business objects.

The range of calculations include simple algebraic expressions such as (1.2^3-1)/8, to formulas using intrinsic functions like 4 * sqrt(exp(8.4)), to formulas relying on variables that are defined through controls on a form such as cos([textBox1] * pi()/180), to spreadsheet-like formulas such as Sum(A2:B14).

Key Features

Important features of Essential Calculate are listed below,

  • Parses and evaluates excel based formulas and basic equations.
  • It comes with a function library of more than 200 entries of formulas.
  • Named ranges, dynamic references, array formulas and formula dependencies are supported.
  • Supports cross sheet references (can work with multiple sheets).
  • Essential Calculate does not depend upon Microsoft Excel and thus enables you to perform calculations independent of Excel.
  • Supports custom functions with n-number of optional arguments.
  • Culture-sensitive decimal separator and argument separator .
  • Calculate can work without any sheets or references.
  • It also supports CalcQuick or Indexer method for calculation.