9 Mar 20181 minute to read

The pivot grid control is an easily configurable and presentation-quality business control, that reads both OLAP and relational data source and allows to create multi-dimensional views for analyzing and satisfying business users need.

Key features

Some of the key features of the pivot grid are as follows:

  • Data binding: Supports both OLAP and relational data sources data binding in the same environment.
  • Pivot table field list: Lists the entire data source bound to the pivot grid and allows UI interaction such as filtering and drag and drop operation of any measure, dimension, hierarchy, level, and field at runtime.
  • Grouping Bar: Supports UI interaction at runtime through sorting, filtering, and drag and drop operation of the existing field items bound through the report.
  • Grid layout: Four different layouts such as normal, top summary, no summaries, and excel-like layout are supported.
  • Export: The pivot grid can be exported to Microsoft Word, PDF, CSV, and Microsoft Excel documents.
  • The pivot grid control specific features such as hyperlink, cell selection, conditional formatting, RTL, globalization, and localization are also supported.