What is the role of Essential Studio in Visual Studio?

1 Feb 20231 minute to read

Syncfusion Essential Studio is not a Visual Studio plug-in or an IDE like Visual Studio. Syncfusion Essential Studio is a .NET based product that includes 800+ controls and frameworks that can be used in Visual Studio to create visually appealing applications. The Essential Studio includes demos for all of the controls, giving you an idea of how Syncfusion controls look and work. The following products are included with Syncfusion Essential Studio.

Syncfusion Essential Studio offers Syncfusion Control Panel from which both the online and offline demos can be viewed for all the controls. Documentation, Read Me and Release Notes can also be viewed from the Syncfusion Control Panel itself which reduces the burden of searching over the web.

Syncfusion Control Panel

In addition to the Windows installer, Syncfusion provides the Mac installer for the following Essential Studio products.

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Blazor
  • Flutter
  • JavaScript
  • HTML Converter
  • Xamarin

Download and install the most recent Essential Studio version from here.

Refer this link for the step by step installation of Syncfusion Essential Studio.

After installing the Essential Studio, refer this link for using the Syncfusion controls in Visual Studio for various platforms.