Server-side events

1 Oct 20151 minute to read

Event Name Description Parameters
OnChangeEvent Event triggered when the slider value is changed. (Object Sender, SliderEventArgs e)

e.HandleNo - slider index

e.ID -Id of slider control

e.Value -current value of slider

In an ASPX page, define the Slider control

  • HTML
  • <ej:Slider ID="sliderEvents" runat="server" Height="16px" SliderType="MinRange" 
    Value="30" OnChangeEvent="sliderEvents_ChangeEvent"></ej:Slider>
  • C#
  • protected void sliderEvents_ChangeEvent(object sender, Syncfusion.JavaScript.Web.SliderEventArgs e)
    	 // e.HandleNo - returns the slider index
    	 // e.ID - returns the id of the slider control
    	 // e.Value - returns the current value of slider