10 Feb 20161 minute to read

The ListBox control provides a list of options for users to select from. It is capable of including other HTML elements such as images, text boxes, check boxes, and radio buttons and so on. It also supports data binding, template options and multi-select options.

Key Features

  • ListBox Customization: Supports customization of the ListBox height and width.
  • Data binding: Supports data binding with JSON data and remote data.
  • Themes: Essential ASP.NET MVC controls feature 12 built-in themes and also supports custom skin options for user-defined themes.
  • Reorder: Moves a list item one-step up and one-step down, so that you are able to rearrange the list items inside ListBox control.
  • Cascading ListBoxes: To populate contents of the second ListBox based on the selection in first ListBox.
  • Grouping: The ability to group list items according to their category.
  • Multi-Selection: The ability to select multiple items from the list using Ctrl and Shift key press.
  • Template: Supports templates to display list items.
  • Keyboard navigation: Supports switching focus to the control and navigation through the list items with the key press.
  • RTL: Supports displaying the ListBox with list items in direction from right to left.
  • Virtual Scrolling: Provides support to load its data on demand through virtual scrolling which greatly improves the application’s performance.