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8 Aug 20231 minute to read

Customize the thickness of stroke

The border stroke width (for Outlined) and line thickness (for Filled and None) can be customized based on the focus state of the input view by setting the FocusedStrokeWidth and UnfocusedStrokeWidth properties.

            HelperText="Enter your name"
            <Entry />
var inputLayout = new SfTextInputLayout();
inputLayout.Hint = "Name";
inputLayout.ContainerType = ContainerType.Outlined;
inputLayout.HelperText = "Enter your name"
inputLayout.FocusedStrokeWidth = 4;
inputLayout.UnfocusedStrokeWidth = 2;
inputLayout.InputView = new Entry();

FocusedStrokeWidth img

UnfocusedStrokeWidth img

Customize the font for input view

You can customize the font for the input view inside SfTextInputLayout using its properties.