Autoscrolling the selected segment item

12 Aug 20221 minute to read

Auto scrolling for selected item change can be enabled by setting the value of AutoScrollSelectedItem property to true. You can set the scroll position of segment item using the ScrollToPosition property. The default value for AutoScrollSelectedItem is false, and the default value for ScrollToPosition is MakeVisible. The following options are available in ScrollToPosition:

  • MakeVisible - Scrolls to the selected segment item to make it visible in the control. If the item is already visible, scrolling will not occur.
  • Start - Scrolls to the selected segment item at the start of the control.
  • Center - Scrolls to the selected segment item at the center of the control.
  • End - Scrolls to selected segment item at the end of the control.
<buttons:SfSegmentedControl x:Name = "segmentedControl" SelectedIndex="5" AutoScrollSelectedItem="True" ScrollToPosition="Center"/>
segmentedControl.SelectedIndex = 5;

segmentedControl.AutoScrollSelectedItem = true;

segmentedControl.ScrollToPosition = Syncfusion.XForms.Buttons.ScrollToPosition.Center;