Xamarin Scheduler (SfSchedule) Overview

9 Aug 20231 minute to read

Essential Schedule for Xamarin.Forms provides all the common scheduling functionalities to create and manage appointments as well as exposes a gesture friendly UI to perform all common operations likes selection, navigation, etc. Essential Schedule is a perfect solution for developers looking to add advanced, feature rich Schedule to their applications.

Schedule in xamarin forms

Key features

Built-in Views — Schedule provides five different types of views such as Day, WorkWeek, Week, Timeline and Month.

Recurrence Appointment — Recurring appointments can be created with Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrence patterns which is supported in ICalc standard.

Customization — Control has simple APIs allowing for elegant customizations. You can edit the look to match the rest of your application.

Localization — The built-in content of the user interface can be changed according to culture that is needed. Also, it has built-in culture support for basic items such us day and month text representations.


You can refer to our Xamarin Scheduler feature tour page for its groundbreaking feature representations. You can also explore our Xamarin Scheduler example to understand how to schedule and manage appointments.

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