Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

May 09, 2023



  • #I438716 - [UWP] Added ability to use Tab key for text selection, similar to Enter key in the SfAutoComplete.


Bug fixes

  • #I443183 - [Android] Fixed an issue where the ZoomingTarget type animation stopped animating after the asynchronous thread.


Bug fixes

  • #I455304 - [IOS]Fixed an issue where the SelectedItem was not updating correctly when DataSource was initialized during runtime, and IsEditableMode was set to ‘true’.


Bug fixes

  • #I453074 - Now, the Swipeditem will render properly after navigating from another page when the control is loaded inside the ShellPage.


Bug fixes

  • #I456742 - [Android] Numeric form fields can be entered with a floating-point delimiter.


Bug Fixes

  • #I458719 - Index out of range exception being thrown while opening the Excel document with active sheet index as -1 is now resolved.
  • #I452918 - Chart numeric axis values are a combination of Auto and Reset are now rendered properly in chart to image conversion.
  • #I456703 - Object reference exception being thrown while creating a chart with blank cell is now resolved.