Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

February 01, 2023


Bug Fixes

  • #I419505 - Document is now preserved properly after calling AcceptAll method.
  • #I428035 - Document protection is now maintained properly while converting a DOC to DOCX format document.
  • #I425395 - Table style is now applied properly while converting a HTML to DOCX format document.
  • #I425444, #I427182 - Table is now preserved properly while converting a DOCX format document to PDF.


Bug Fixes

  • #I425779 - The text display location is now functioning correctly for PDF EAN Barcodes.
  • #I427697 - Preservation issue in the form no longer occurs after setting the default appearance to the form field.
  • #I429282 - The PDF document now conforms to standards, and the metadata has been successfully updated.
  • #I429447 - An exception will no longer occur while flattening the annotations in the PDF document.
  • #I429552 - The scanning of PdfCode93 and UPC barcodes is now functioning correctly even when drawn multiple times.
  • #I430456 - The position of the Pie when drawn is now accurate when using floating point values.
  • #I428728 - Hanging issues no longer occurs when performing Pdf to PDF/A conversion.
  • #F179370 - Annotations and form fields missing issue will no longer occur when loading PDF documents.
  • #I425746 - Text extraction with Line collection returns correct results.
  • #I423955 - Culture changes to the invariant issue will no longer occur after performing Extract text operation.


Bug fixes

  • #I425236 - [iOS] Fixed issue with text input being misplaced in the SfAutoComplete editor when editing existing text in the middle of the control.


Bug fixes

  • #I426735 - [Android] When the values are dynamically updated, the BadgeIcon and BadgeType properties bind correctly.


Bug fixes

  • #I426465 - [UWP] Fixed the issue where the SfComboBox Dropdown remained open when the cursor was unfocused from the SfComboBox entry field with multiple entry controls in the View.

  • #I426684 - [UWP] Automatically scroll to the relevant object in the Dropdown when a list of objects is set as the data source.

  • #I427414, #I426033 - [iOS] Fixed the issue where Dropdown Button was not working in SfComboBox within SfTextInputLayout when edit mode was enabled.


Bug fixes

  • #F178200 - The issue with “Rendering of the Diagram application on shell navigations” has been resolved.


Bug fixes

  • #I420785 - [iOS] The cropping will save the correct crop area after flipping and rotating the image.

  • #I423570 - [iOS] The undo and redo operation will not occur after cropping the image.

  • #I423570 - [iOS] The paint bucket icon will not change to a pencil icon after tapping the solid-color shape toolbar item.

  • #I423570 - [iOS] The outline and solid color icons toolbar will not disappear along with the slider when the user taps the outline tool, then tap the thickness tool.

  • #I423570 - [Android] The IsEdited property will not be set to true when opening the Drawing or Shapes toolbar and tapping the Back key without placing any shapes.


Bug fixes

  • #I419263 - [Android] The Markers in the sublayers will be positioned correctly when changing the GeoCoordinates value dynamically.

  • #I425976 - The data labels in the sublayer will be repositioned correctly when the Center property is updated dynamically.


Bug fixes

  • #I424943 - [UWP] The Background color will be updated correctly when the theme is changed dynamically.


Bug fixes

  • #I424775 - [Android] Predictive keyboard suggestions will now appear on the tablet when adding and editing free text.
  • #I428857 - [iOS] The application will no longer crash when calling the Dispose method. 
  • #I423779 - [Android] There will no longer be any performance lag while zooming and scrolling on the PDF document.


Bug fixes

  • #F179197 - The issue with “Updating the Progress value when binding to CircularProgressBar on the Android platform” has been resolved.


Bug fixes

  • #I426866- The issue with “The Placeholder feature on the RichTextEditor control in the iOS platform” has been resolved.


Bug fixes

  • #I426812 - When swiping the scroll view in Android versions more than or equal to 12, the SfShimmer content will not disappear.


Bug Fixes

  • Exception thrown while exporting data table with formulas is now resolved.