Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

January 25, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • #I362189 - Added support to get annotation type and creation date using PdfLoadedAnnotation instance.
  • #I361262 - An unexpected token exception will no longer occur when opening the PDF document with open and repair mode.
  • #I361061 - Preservation issue will no longer occur while flattening form fields.


Bug fixes

  • #F171674 - The axis range is now update properly when dynamically changing the series ItemsSource with AutoScrollingDelta.
  • #361585 - [Android] The ZoomOut method is now working properly after calling the Reset method in ChartZoomPanBehavior.


Bug fixes

  • #F171916 - [UWP] A thin white line will not appear when applying gradient colors in a circular range.


Bug fixes

  • #I360636 - [Android] The System.NotSupportedException will no longer be thrown when press Enter key after editing the cell value.
  • #I361755 - IsEllipsisElement and EllipsisPosition properties not found binding errors with DataPager are cleared.


Bug fixes

  • #I360833 - [iOS] The “Cannot access the disposed object exception” error message will no longer be thrown in MaskedEdit when navigating between pages.


Bug fixes

  • #I360849 - [iOS] ThrowOverflowOrFormatException will no longer be thrown while typing a value in SfNumericTextBox and the previous value is String.Empty.

  • #I362559 - [UWP] GroupSeparator will not be displayed after setting EnableGroupSeparator as false when changing Culture.


Bug fixes

  • #I361622 - [Android] Now, the popup will be shown properly when using ShowRelativeToView method.


Bug Fixes

  • #I357955 - Number format is now applied properly in German culture for time value.