Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

January 11, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • #I358489 - Text is now preserved properly while merging a DOCX format document to DOC format document.
  • #I360176 - If field is now updated properly while calling UpdateDocumentFields() method.
  • #I358077 - Mutated text is now preserved properly while resaving a DOC format document.


Bug Fixes

  • #I361061 - Annotations are now removed properly when flattening annotation from an existing PDF document.
  • #I360261 - Metadata is now manually updated properly after accessing loaded conformance document.


Bug fixes

  • #I360729 - [UWP] Now, SfCombobox will be working properly when setting editable mode and multiple selection to token.

  • #I356968 - [Android] Now, Selectionchanging event will be triggered when removing token from SfComboBox in TokenWrap mode.


Bug fixes

  • #I353668 - [UWP] Month will be updated properly when setting MinimumDate in SfDatePicker.


Bug fixes

  • #I356633 - [Android] System.ObjectDisposedException will no longer occur when setting DrawerSettings in SfNavigationDrawer.



  • #335385 - Implemented the support to select annotations and restrict the moving and resizing.

Breaking Changes

  • Now, the annotation can be selected if the IsLocked property is set to true for all annotations, particular annotation types, or individual annotations. The tapped and selected events will be raised, but the annotation cannot be modified or removed. As an alternate, the selection of annotations can be disabled by setting the Constraints property value to ~AnnotationConstraints.Selectable.


Bug fixes

  • #I359808, I359742 – [iOS] The Year in a HeaderView will display correctly when you navigate to the December 26, 2021.


Bug fixes

  • #I360030 - [UWP] Memory leak will no longer occur when navigating back from SfTabView.


Bug Fixes

  • #F171424 - Marker style of scatter chart is now cloned properly while resaving the Excel document.