Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

December 28, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • #I359164 - PdfStringLayouter result is now proper when the string starts with white space.
  • #I356437 - Signature validation appearance tick mark is not preserved properly on rotated PDF documents.
  • #I358302 - Duplicate pages will no longer be added while creating a PDF template.
  • #I359287 - Popup annotations are now removed properly.
  • #I356519 - Exception will no longer occur when adding timestamp server to the signature field.
  • #F171198 - Cell clipping issue will no longer occur when drawing a PDF grid with row height on a nested grid.


Bug fixes

  • #I357704 - [UWP] When using the BadgeSettings, there will be no memory leaks.

Bug fixes

  • #I355944 - [Android] System.NotSupportedException will no longer occur in SfCarousel.


Bug fixes

  • #I356247 - [iOS] The InvalidCastException is no longer thrown when setting the LabelFormat for label style in vertical line annotation.


Bug fixes

  • #I359383 – The NullReferenceException is no longer thrown when adding a selected chip in the SelectedItems of choice type SfChipGroup.


Bug fixes

  • #I360266,I359661,I359665 - [UWP]The value does not fall within expected range exception will no longer occur in SfComboBox

  • #I359247,I359240 - [UWP]System.NullReferenceException will no longer occur in SfComboBox.

  • #I357320 - [Android] Now, the drop-down selected item will be highlighted properly when using the item template in SfCombobox.

  • #I356376 - [UWP] Now, the view will be displayed correctly after highlighting text in SfComboBox.


Bug Fixes

  • #I358666 - [iOS] The range will not be hidden when the scale and range are arranged in the same place.


Bug fixes

  • #I356779 - [iOS] Now, the programmatic scrolling to the first item is working properly.


Bug fixes

  • #I349388 - The GeoCoordinate will not be reset when changing the BingMapStyle dynamically after panning the Map.
  • #I357004 - The MapCircle will be rendered properly when its radius is higher than the control size.


Bug fixes

  • #349355 - [UWP] The decimal separator will not be removed from the SfNumericTextBox view while removing the last decimal digit.

  • #354068 - [UWP] SfNumericTextBox height will not change when collapsing and expanding the Accordion.


Bug fixes

  • #I354845 - [Android] Now, the picker item will be selected properly while scrolling in the default mode of picker.


Bug fixes

  • #I357089 - [UWP] Now, the scrolling will work after hovering the cursor over Segmented controls.


Bug fixes

  • #F170829 - The HintLabel will be positioned properly when the InputViewPadding is set after the InputView.


Bug Fixes

  • #I358440 - Custom number format in US culture is now preserved properly while creating the Excel document.
  • #FB30625 - Null reference exception thrown while converting Excel with empty group shape to PDF is now resolved.