Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

November 02, 2021


Bug fixes

  • #344891 - [Android] Pasting the text into the NumericTextBox will work properly when the Value property is bound bidirectionally.


Bug fixes

  • #I345530 - [UWP] Inserting and removing annotations in the middle of an annotation collection works properly in the chart now.


Bug fixes

  • #F169351 - Now, the LoadMoreIndicator will not be displayed When ShowTimeBreak property is true and LoadMoreOption is Auto or AutoOnScroll.


Bug fixes


Bug fixes

  • #F169841 - [WPF] Now, the GridLongPressed event will be triggered properly for summary rows.


Bug fixes

  • #I342370 - Now, the ItemsCount property value is updated properly when clearing the ItemsSource collection of SfKanban.


Bug fixes

  • #F167115 - [UWP] The Windows.UI.Xaml.LayoutCycleException will no longer be thrown when using IsScrollingEnabled as False for the inner ListView.


Bug fixes

  • #343749 - [Android, iOS] The custom SubLayers will be rendered in the correct position when setting GeometryType as Points.
  • #345488 - [Android, iOS] The MarkerSelected event selects the correct marker after selecting two-three markers when setting CanBringToTop is true.


Bug Fixes

  • #I345199 - Currency value is now set properly in Excel document.
  • #F169945 - Color scale conditional formatting when applied to a discontinuous range in now rendered properly Excel to PDF conversion.
  • #I346162 - Argument exception thrown when shared strings contains an empty XML element is now resolved.
  • #I342424 - Column clustered chart with date time axis type is now rendered properly in the Chart to Image conversion.