Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

August 03, 2021


Bug fixes

  • #I336921 - [iOS] SfAutoComplete correctly displays suggestions when using the CustomFilter suggestion mode with IsSuggestionOnFocus.


Bug fixes

  • #I333011 - [iOS] Now, the SfComboBox clear button is reachable when you click inside the TextInputLayout.


Breaking changes

  • #I336437 - The GridColumn.ValueBinding property type is changed from Binding to BindingBase.

Bug Fixes

  • #I336437 - Now,IValueConverter is triggered when binding it to the ValueBinding property of the GridComboBoxColumn when defining through XAML code.


Bug Fixes

  • #F167082 - Now, the recurrence appointment will render correctly when the system language is set as Chinese.
  • #FB27394 - Now, the System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException will no longer be thrown when the resource names are with double spaces.


Bug fixes

  • #I334935 - Now, the SfSwitch track color is applied properly when binding the color value at initial loading.


Bug Fixes

  • #I334495, #I335887 - Chart data labels with manual layout are now preserved properly.
  • #I334666 - Chart label values are now proper for the double format in Excel To PDF conversion for NET50.
  • Checkbox with dotted-round border style is now preserved properly while creating the Excel document.
  • Rich Text is now applied properly in shape text while dong AddCopy of Excel worksheet.
  • Font name and size of comment shape text are proper while creating the Excel document.
  • Between and not between operators in conditional formatting are now applied properly for blank cells with boolean value in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • Excel document with conditional format and black and white page setup settings are now rendered properly in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • The number format of the text box text is preserved properly while converting Excel to PDF.