Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

April 27, 2021


Bug fixes

  • #I322717 - [Andorid,iOS] The Trackball is updating properly with the nearest point of the same series instead of moving to the next series while invoking the trackball at NaN values.
  • #FB24101 - [iOS] The Legend icon color is now applying properly when using GradientColorCollection in the chart.
  • #FB24102 - [iOS] The DataMarker label background color is now applying properly when using GradientColorCollection in the DoughnutSeries.


Bug Fixes

  • #I324054 - When using the ReactiveUI binding and adding a new message for the first time, the message will be properly displayed in the view.


Bug fixes

  • #I325143 - [iOS] Now, the drop down is closed in unfocused state when using inside the SfTextInputLayout.


Bug fixes

  • #I322645 - [iOS] When the datagrid is zoomed out and the last columns are visible, all of the columns are shown correctly.
  • #I323816 - [Android] When using GridSwitchColumn and Android devices with API levels lower than 23, the Java.Lang.NoSuchMethodError exception will no longer be thrown.


Bug fixes

  • #F163942 – [Android] Now, the RangeChanged event is hooking properly with the corresponding SfDateTimeRangeNavigator when using with multiple DateTimeRangeNavigator on the same page.


Bug fixes

  • #F162950, #I325512, #F164861 - [Android, iOS] ListView will be updated properly in the view when the ItemsSource is changed at runtime and IsScrollingEnabled is false.


Bug fixes

  • #I322192 - [Andriod] Now the picker items are loaded properly when changing the orientation of the device.


Bug fixes

  • #FB23740 - Popup will be dismissed properly when navigate to another modal page.
  • #I319489 - [Android] Top padding will be properly applied for the popup view when PopupView is opened from TitleView of the ShellPage.