Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

March 2, 2021


Bug fixes

  • #313431 - [Android] Now, the ValueChanged event is triggered when binding the initial Text properly.


Bug fixes

  • #313061 - [Android] Now, the SfButton text will be updated properly without any cropping when the HasShadow property is set to true.


Bug fixes

  • #315293 - [UWP] Circular gauge ranges are rendered properly when setting inner, outer start, and end offset values to the ranges.


Bug fixes

  • #314817 - [UWP] Now, edited image shapes are positioned properly on the saved image.


Bug fixes

  • #315246 - [iOS] When changing the imagery layer’s sublayer polygon shape points dynamically, maps center point will not be shifted now.


Bug fixes

  • #316374 - [UWP] SfNumericTextBox is displaying the text properly, while setting format string with percentage symbol.


Bug Fixes

  • #286882 - Background color is now applied properly in pivot value fields.
  • #314457 - Chart legend icon is now rendered with fill color in chart to image conversion.
  • Chart value axis with billion is no longer missed in Excel to PDF conversion.