Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

February 9, 2021


Bug fixes

  • #310987 - - [iOS] Now, the SfAutoComplete is working properly on initial focus, inside the SfTabView and SfPopupView.


Bug fixes

  • #311434 - [Android] Now, the tooltip is updated properly for AreaSeries with the empty points.


Bug fixes

  • #306536 , #310114 - [Android] DropDown is working properly in Delimiter mode and the first item is set as blank.

  • #296985 - [UWP] Dropdown Suggestion box is working properly when used inside the SfPopupLayout.


Bug fixes

  • #311755 - [UWP] Now, the datagrid renders properly in RTL and programmatic scrolling to 0th index works properly when setting SfDataGrid.FlowDirection as RTL.
  • #310535 - Now the stacked headers are rendered properly even when stacked columns are created and added to a StackedHeaderRow before the SfDataGrid.Columns collection is populated.


Bug fixes

  • #311605 – [iOS] Now, the NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown while binding the series collection to the chart in content of the SfDateTimeRangeNavigator.


Bug fixes

  • #304381 - Now, the list view items are rendered properly and the ListView.DataSource is updated properly even when collection change notifications are triggered from the sample.


Bug Fixes

  • #310539 - [Andriod] ListView items are updated now, when changing the Binding Context dynamically.


Bug Fixes

  • #310319 - Conditional format is now proper in Excel to PDF conversion when using relative cell address.
  • #310561 - Template marker copy range is now applied properly for relative conditional format formula.
  • #310022 - String type number value is now detected and changed to an actual number value.
  • #312715 - Hair border with black color is now proper in worksheet to image conversion.
  • #311736 - Cell border is now rendered properly in worksheet to image conversion.