Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

January 5, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • #298013 - [iOS] The date picker will be rendered properly upon tapping the DatePickerMessage even on devices running iOS 14 and upwards.



  • #262237 - Support has now been provided to set custom intensity to the overlay’s blur effect by setting SfPopupLayout.PopupView.PopupStyle.BlurIntensity as Custom and any desired float value to the SfPopupLayout.PopupView.PopupStyle.BlurRadius property.


Bug Fixes

  • #304124 - Cell text with accounting format is now rendered properly for the cell with indent level.
  • #307537 - Conditional format number value is now correct when changing the system culture.
  • #306110 - Row format is now correct while refreshing data in the table.
  • #301881 - Exception is no longer thrown while resaving the Excel document when duplicate styles exist.
  • #305006 - Performance is improved and sparklines are now preserved properly when deleting the row.
  • #305477 - Cell color is now updated properly for databar in Excel to HTML conversion.
  • #302479 - Excel document is no longer corrupted while resaving with pivot table.
  • Conditional format applied to EntireColumn is now preserved properly while resaving the XLSX file in XLS format.