Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

December 8, 2020


Bug fixes

  • #I301337 - [iOS] Now, the dates will render properly while navigating to the next or previous month by using the Forward and Backward method.


Bug fixes

  • #159546 - [iOS] The trackball label is now updated properly for negative values when setting Minimum value with PlotOffset.


Bug fixes

  • #303819 - [UWP] Now pressing Tab from the last editable cell in the grid does not crash the application.


Bug fixes

  • #301770 - Now, the selected items are rendered in proper size after a swipe operation is completed on the same item.


Bug fixes

  • #301473 - [Android] Now, the popup will be layout in the correct touch position even when SfPopupLayout.PopupView.AutoSizeMode is Both or Height.


Bug Fixes

  • #303693 - Vba project’s sheet objects are now cleared properly when removing the worksheets.
  • #304378 - Exception is no longer thrown while converting the Excel file with conditional formats to PDF.
  • #279738 - Image position is no longer changed while inserting more rows.
  • Chart title area rendering is now proper in Excel to PDF conversion.