Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

October 20, 2020


Bug fixes

*#295446 - [iOS] Now, TapGestureRecognizer is working fine for SfBadgeView control.


Bug fixes

  • #294344 - [Android] NRE issue has been fixed while using inside the SfListView.


Bug fixes

  • #293280 – Now, the StepAreaSeries stroke will be rendered properly when setting the LabelPlacement as BetweenTicks in CategoryAxis.
  • #158527 – NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown while setting CrossesAt to PrimaryAxis without having the SecondaryAxis.
  • #295077 – [UWP] Now, DataMarkers will be removed properly when clearing the series ItemsSource.


Bug fixes

  • #157439 - [iOS] Now the placeholder text is center aligned on initial loading and even after deleting the multi-line text entered in the editor.


Bug fixes

  • #296173 - [iOS] RangePointer is positioned properly when adding the SfCircularGauge placed inside the expander.


Bug fixes

  • #295596 - [iOS] The Events of child element is working properly while using the ItemTemplate.

  • #296594 - [iOS] Default control size issue has been fixed when used inside the SfTextInputLayout.



  • #296443 - [Android, iOS, UWP] In edit mode, support has been provided to customize the width of the drop down of a GridComboBoxColumn using the property GridComboBoxColumn.DropDownWidth.
  • #155217 - If GridColumn.DisplayBinding and GridColumn.ValueBinding are set, the values returned from them are now considered for auto row height calculations.

Bug fixes

  • #297644 - [macOS] Now, custom fonts and embedded fonts can be used for all font properties of SfDataGrid.
  • #296957 - [UWP] Now, current cell will be rendered in the correct position when rows are added in runtime when a cell is already in edit mode.
  • #255166 - Now the NullReferenceException is no longer thrown when disposing the datagrid even when a cell is currently in edit mode.


Bug fixes

  • #295446 - [iOS] NRE exception is resolved while selecting the shape and applying font styles from image editor control toolbar.
  • #296415 - [iOS] SaveEdits() method is now working fine while adding the custom view and call the SaveEdits() method.


Bug fixes

  • #294335 - [Android] Selecting all the text from the masked edit and typing a character, now control displaying the typed character properly.


Bug fixes

  • #297865 - [Android] Now, the ContentView is updated properly while changing dynamically.


Bug fixes

  • #297700 - [Android] Resolved NRE exception while removing SfNumericTextBox from the collection view with Maximum property binding.


Bug fixes

  • #295024 - Now, the DataTemplate for the Picker content is updated properly while changing dynamically.

  • #295598 - [Android] Now, SelectedItem is updated properly while changing the items dynamically.


Bug fixes

  • #293781 -[Andorid] Flash issue has been fixed while swiping to the new item.

  • #293554 - [iOS] NRE issue has been fixed while clearing all the items.


Bug fixes

  • #293592 - [Android] Now, the SyncPrimaryColor is updated properly while changing dynamically.