Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

September 1, 2020


Bug fixes

  • #286049 - The token EnableAutoSize is working fine now when Enable option is set as false.


Bug fixes

  • #287103 - Now, the SfDataPager is rendered based on it’s LayoutOptions.


Bug fixes

  • #287310 - [Android] Now, the day value is working fine when changing the previous year value.


Bug fixes

  • #288281- [UWP] The secondary drawer does not re-measure when changing the app size has been fixed.

  • #290182- [Android] Now, the entry focused keyboard will appear and then only disappears when it gets out-focused.

  • #280031- [iOS] Content freezes when navigate back using the App shell issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #284064 - [Android] The application will no longer crash while performing ink operation.
  • #290825 - [UWP] The line annotations will now be selected with selection bubbles.
  • #288728 - [iOS] The application will no longer hang when the PDF scrolled immediately after loading.
  • #290776 - [iOS] The built-in toolbar will no longer disappear while adding free text annotations.


Bug fixes

  • #286948 - [Android] Now, the SfPicker performance is good when adding the large data and navigating using the PickerShell.

  • #289706 - [iOS] When using the Selection Changed event Null Reference Exception issue has been fixed.

  • #288294 - [UWP] Values are updated properly when using inside a layout in DataTemplate.


Bug fixes

  • #288331, #287967 - [Android] App targeting AndroidX no longer need additional migration packages to be installed as dependency.


Bug fixes

  • #288597 - [iOS] Memory ports are increasing when you use NavigationDelay and BackgroundColor has been fixed.

  • #288180 - [iOS] RTL for ItemTemplate gets displayed as a mirror image issue has been fixed.


Bug fixes

  • #287658 - [UWP] Switching tab issue using swipe has been fixed.


No Changes for this product in this version.