Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

August 25, 2020


Bug fixes

  • #286640 - [UWP] The legend is now rendering properly for all series when using the GradientColors for the ColorModel in the chart or series.
  • #264289 - [iOS] The trackball label is now arranged properly when the data point has multiple y-values at the same or near x-position.


Bug fixes

  • #286669 - Now, suggestions of a message will no longer be hidden when the chat control is scrolled.
  • #156800 - [iOS] No extra space is rendered between the editor and keyboard when chat is loaded in a shell page.
  • #289199 - [iOS] When SfChat.ShowMessageInputView is false, the chat control is no longer repositioned based on the keyboard height.


Bug fixes

  • #284231 - Now, the sfDataGrid LiveDataUpdateMode.AllowDataShaping for sorting works even when we bind the paged collection.


Bug Fixes

  • #280893 - [UWP]Now, the SfEffectsView rendered properly as SfExpander content even when SfExpander has been loaded inside a ScrollView.


Bug fixes

  • #286396 - Now, the IsExpanded property of KanbanColumn is properly updated when tapping the column.


Bug fixes

  • #288606 - [iOS] Now, the Y position of SfPopupLayout.PopupView will no longer be changed when the keyboard comes to view if popup is displayed in full screen.



  • #281012 - [Android] Now, SfTreeView UI is updated based on collection changes of its children in run time.
  • #280126 - [UWP] SfTreeView items will no longer be trimmed when resizing application window.


Bug Fixes

  • #288290 - Parsing exception is no longer thrown while opening the Excel files with type-token in the formula parser.
  • #287802 - DataRange of Sparkline is now serialized correctly for named ranges.
  • List object column named range is now updated properly.