Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

August 18, 2020


Bug fixes

  • #I282840 – [Android] Now, the DateSelection color is working properly when the month cell background color is set.`

  • #F155685 - [Android, UWP] Now, the SelectedDates are removed from the collection.

  • #I279389 - [UWP] Deselection will no longer have a SelectedDate in the OnCalendarTapped event.

  • #I282484 - [UWP] Now, the MultiRangeSelection and RangeSelection are updating properly on the initial loading.


Bug fixes

  • #287837 - Now, Messages added in runtime are sorted based on the timestamp when SfChat.ShowTimeBreak is true.


Bug Fixes

*#I281088 - Exception will no longer be thrown when using the custom FontIcon for GroupHeader.


Bug fixes

  • #287882 - Now, the NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown when changing the SfDataGrid.ItemSource at runtime even when SfDataGrid.QueryCellStyleevent is hooked.
  • Now, the application will no longer crash when exiting the page in which SfDataGrid is loaded inside the SfNavigationDrawer.


Bug fixes

  • #156582 - The swiped item will no longer disappear when navigating back to the page that has listview in Shell page navigation.


Bug fixes

  • #287526 - [iOS] Now, the SfPopupLayout considers safe area when showing in full screen even when UIDeviceOrientation is FaceUp or FaceDown.


Bug fixes

  • #F155847 - [iOS] Now, the MoveToDate is no longer partially hide the times.

  • #F155132 - [UWP] Now, the clear all SelectedResources will be dynamically working.

  • #F15280 - [Android] Problems are no longer occur while using certain recurrence rules.

  • #F154864 - The null reference exception is no longer thrown when a change in the theme of the SfSchedule inside the tab view.

  • #I280404, #I280167 - When selecting the cell and drag into the AgendaView area, the schedule will not navigate to min date and when dragging the appointments in InlineView, it will no longer get overlapped on the month cells.

  • #I280163 - When enabling the AgendaView in a month view, the request layout issue will not occur in the output window.