Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

July 14, 2020


Bug fixes

  • #278817, #154265 - [iOS] Now, SfAccordion will be resized properly when Accordion item’s visibility is changed in runtime.


Bug fixes

  • #284450 - [UWP] Now, the SelectedItem is updated properly while using the SelectedIndices and Token mode.


Bug fixes

*#I279389 – [UWP]Now, the deselection will no longer have a SelectedDate in OnCalendarTapped event in SfCalendar.


Bug fixes

  • #278448 - The EnableAutoSize is working properly when using in the TappedPage.
  • #282360 - [UWP] The SelectedItem is updated properly while changing the BindingContext dynamically.
  • #282956 - [Andorid]NRE issue has been fixed while changing the BindingContext dynamically.


Bug fixes

  • #155064 - Now, the last numeric button of SfDataPager is no longer hidden when scrolling has reached its end.
  • #282890 - Now, the ArgumentOutOfRangeException will no longer be thrown when we query rows in SfDataGrid in runtime even when data grid has group and summary rows.


Bug fixes

*#282102 - Now, the OutOfMemoryException will no longer be thrown when we Drag/Drop between groups even when SfListView.DragDropController.UpdateSource is true.
*#277135 - [Android] Now, when Horizontal listview is loaded inside a vertical listview, scrolling will work independently and properly for both list view instances.


Bug fixes

  • #274088 – [iOS] Updated the border thickness of SfNumericTextBox equivalent to Xamarin.Forms entry control.


Bug fixes

  • #283106, #283504 - [Android] InvalidFormatException will no longer be thrown while giving initial input as dot with Germen, French and Russian culture in SfNumericUpDown.



  • #279824 - [Android] The quality of the ink strokes has been improved.
  • #281178 - Implemented the support for all the selected state symbols for radio buttons.

Bug Fixes

  • #282234, 155492 - The XFA-forms-not-supported popup will not be shown when saving and reloading the PDF with form fields.
  • #282233 - The contents of the PDF document will no longer overlap when flattening the document.
  • #274229 - [UWP] The page count value displayed in the built-in toolbar and page corner will no longer be different.
  • #281641 - The form fields will no longer be loaded with unwanted border.
  • #281414 - [iOS] The radio button fields will no longer be loaded with unwanted border.
  • #284392 - Application will no longer crash when the built-in toolbar is disabled in XAML.


Bug fixes

  • #273103 - [Android] Now, you can drag the SfRadialMenu smoothly without any shaking appearance.


Bug fixes

  • #277934 , #281045 - Now, the Dots or Thumbnail property is working properly in iOS.
  • #282219 - Android.runtime.JavaProxy exception issue has been fixed.


Bug fixes

  • #281177 - The TabHeaderBackgroundColor, TitleFontColor, and FontIconFontColor support for the DropDown items have been provided.
  • #282654 - [iOS] The ContentTransitionDuration property is working fine while changing the SelectedIndex programmatically.
  • #275891 , #275450 - [Android] Now , the SfListView items are rendered properly while scrolling inside the STabView.


Bug fixes

  • #154756 - Char count label will position properly with trailing view.