Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

June 16, 2020


Bug Fixes

  • #I264769 - SfAccordion will be resized with the window after Data-bound items update.

  • #F155089 - The BindableLayout will no longer be broken with SfAccordion.


Bug Fixes

  • #277330 - [UWP] Now, when the SfDataGrid.EditorSelectionBehavior is SelectAll the text in the GridNumericColumn will be selected properly when pressing Shift + Tab keys.


Bug fixes

  • #276614 - Now, exceptions are not thrown if showing a popup upon switching from one page to another inside a Shell page.
  • #270802 - Now, setting SfPopupLayout.FlowDirection as RightToLeft does not cause any rendering issue even when set via Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread() or when flow direction is changed dynamically in run-time or when Arabic text is loaded inside the template.