Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

June 2, 2020


Bug fixes

  • #276797 - [iOS,UWP] Now, the pop-up window of SfComboBox will not be closed when you click the footer view in SfComboBox.


Bug Fixes

  • #I275577 - [iOS]Now, The SfDataForm control will no longer get hanged when changing to Landscape mode if the autocomplete editor has focus.



  • #275992 - Support has been provided to notify when the PopupLayout has been loaded in the view/visual tree, using the SfPopupLayout.PopupLayoutLoaded event. If using PRISM, set the SfPopupLayout.IsOpen as true in this event handler to overcome the crash issue that occurs when showing the popup when the page is loading.

Bug fixes

  • #267427 - Now, popup can be shown relative to the views loaded in the navigation bar of a page.


Bug fixes

  • #277295 - [iOS] Now, the auto-play will be working fine when collection having two items in SfRotator.
  • #277194 - [iOS] Now, the rotator view will be updated when you are clearing the ItemsSource at run time in SfRotator on iOS platform.
  • #276731 - [Android] Now, the rotator items will be rotated into backward when collection has two items in ItemsSource of SfRotator control.


Bug fixes

  • #271899 – [Android , iOS] Now, the segmented control will update properly when dynamically change the flow direction.


Bug fixes

  • #275432 - [UWP] Now, the selection changed event will be triggered when display mode is set to NoHeader and tabs are switched dynamically in SfTabView.
  • #273649 - [iOS] Now, the drop-down items will be aligned properly in SfTabView.
  • #278136, #154323 - [Android] Now, the object disposed exception will no longer occurs in SfTabView when page navigation.


Bug fixes

  • #277918 - [Android]Now, The Expander icon will align at a position, and the touch works after adding a node at runtime when Expander position is End in the SfTreeView properly.