Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

October 22, 2019


Bug Fixes

  • #F144485 - [iOS] Shifting animation will work properly when SfAccordion is loaded in StackLayout.


Bug fixes

  • #251430 - [iOS] Now, the SelectedDate time updated properly, when formatting the time value of bounded DateTime property.


Bug fixes

  • #F148083 - [iOS] The ZoomEnd event is now called properly in pinch zooming.


Bug Fixes

  • #240667 - [UWP] Now, data will be displayed in suggestion list depending on the control width and DropDownWidth in SfComboBox.


Bug Fixes

  • #I248312, I247979 - Now, exception is no longer thrown when changing the value of a property at runtime based on which filtering is applied even when paging and sorting are applied and page index is greater than 1.
  • #I246815 - Now, SfDataGrid.GridViewCreated event will not be triggered when SfDataGrid.View is null.
  • #I249321 - Now, null reference exception is no longer thrown when calling the SfDataGrid.View.RefreshFilter even when grouping is applied.
  • #147961 - [iOS] Now, null reference exception is no longer thrown when tapping the grid at the time of ItemsSource being changed.
  • #I248783 - Now, SfDataGrid will be positioned and rendered properly based on the View.HorizontalOptions and View.VerticalOptions even when placed inside a StackLayout.


Bug fixes

  • #250155 - [iOS] SfLinearGauge SymbolPointer will be not disappeared when animation enabled and changing the SymbolPointer value



  • #247981 - [iOS] The null reference exception will no longer occur in SfListView after performing DragAndDrop operation when custom DragIndicatorView is used in ListView ItemTemplate.
  • #247666 - [iOS] Button click event will fire when tapping the last element’s child in the SfListView.


Bug fixes

  • #245238 - [UWP] Entire screen will not get flashes white when changing the zoom level.


Bug Fixes

  • #I250782 - Now, the SfPullToRefresh.IsRefreshing property works properly for all modes of Xamarin.Forms.BindingMode.


Bug fixes

  • #I251008 - [iOS] Now, ObjectDisposedException will no longer be thrown when changing the SelectionIndicatorSettings properties while dynamically navigate between the pages.


Bug Fixes

  • #250058 - Table query fields are now updated properly when table range has more columns.
  • #251122 - Exception is no longer be thrown on while invoking AutoFitColumn for empty worksheet.
  • #249565 - Exception is no longer thrown while delete and creating a table with same name.
  • #250189 - Pivot table will be properly preserved in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • #249466 - Autofit row height will be proper for “Arial” fonts.
  • #249233 - AutofitColumns is now proper for wrap text applied cells.

AutoShape and textBox is preserved properly while resaving the Excel document and converting the same to Pdf.
Font name, size and color of chart elements are no longer changed while cloning the workbook.