Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

September 3, 2019


Bug fixes

  • #I246885 - [UWP] Now, AutomationId works properly on SfButton.


Bug Fixes

  • #146887 - [Android] Now, the IndexOutOfRangeException will no longer be thrown when setting RangeSelection mode in Calendar.
  • #246328 - [Android] Now, the NullReferenceException will no longer occur when setting calendar MinDate and SelectedDate with null and changing only MinDate value at run time.



  • #I242087 - Now, chart DateTimeAxis supports the default LabelFormat AM/PM for setting IntervalType as hours.


Bug fixes

  • #243474 - [Android] Now, The Disposed exception has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #246001 - ItemSelectionChangedEventArgs will now return correct value on selecting the ListViewItem in GridLayout of SfListView.
  • #8364 - View Cells will no longer shrink smaller while re-ordering the ListViewItem.


Bug Fixes

  • #243118 - Exception is no longer thrown on saving the document with form controls in Xamarin.Forms.
  • #244535 - Filter applied columns are now auto-fitted properly.
  • #243110 - Code name is now preserved properly for XLSX files.
  • #242235 - Alternative text for chart shape is now preserved properly on resaving the Excel document.
  • #F146576 - Cell with indentation is no longer missed in worksheet to image conversion.
  • Exception is no longer thrown while converting the Excel document to PDF after resave.