Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

August 27, 2019


Bug Fixes

  • #242340 - [UWP] Now, the dynamic updated DataSource in the ValueChanged event will be reflected instantly.


Bug fixes

  • #244359 - [iOS] Now, the ComboBox SelectedItem will be rendered properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #236007 - Now, sorting works properly and application is no longer crashed when sorting more than one column when a Dictionary type collection is set to SfDataGrid.ItemsSource.
  • #233474 - The “an item with the same key has already been added Key:Item” exception will no longer be thrown if we use two indexer properties, and application is loaded properly even when there are two indexer properties in the SfDataGrid.ItemsSource collection.
  • #236129 - Data is not repeated when scrolling vertically in SfDataGrid when SfDataGrid.ItemsSource collection contains complex properties.

Breaking Changes

    • Return type of ISummaryAggregate.CalculateAggregateFunc method has been modified from Action <IEnumerable, string, PropertyInfo> to Action <IEnumerable, string, System.ComponentModel.PropertyDescriptor>.


Bug Fixes

  • #245489 - LoadMoreCommand will no long fire multiple times when LoadMoreOption is AutoOnScroll.


Bug Fixes

  • #244321 - [iOS] Now, GrayView is displayed properly in landscape mode.

  • #243480 - [iOS] Now, SfNavigationDrawer Frame is set correctly when it is used along with SfSchedule.


Bug Fixes

  • #243961, #F145917 - [Android] The color of Editor/Entry field will not be changed when a page that contains SfPdfViewer is displayed.
  • Now, the ExtractText API extracts the text properly from a PDF document.


Bug fixes

  • #I244262, I245858 - Now, binding works properly for the IsChecked property when using inside data template.


Bug Fixes

  • #245446 - [Android] The DivideByZero exception will no longer occur when setting MoveToDate at run time with RTL mode.
  • #146360 , #245707 - Schedule view settings will not be reset when navigating to another page in Master Detail page.


Bug Fixes

  • #226622 - Cell value is now updated properly while coping a range from source to destination.
  • #239384 - Performance is improved while converting Excel document into PDF with conditional formatting.