Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

July 23, 2019


Bug fixes

  • #242159 - Border is now preserving properly while creating the free text annotation.


Bug Fixes

  • #238485 - [Android] Now, the SelectedItem TwoWay binding works properly.


Bug fixes

  • #239832 - [Android] The barcode is now rendered properly in shell component.


Bug Fixes

  • #241752 - Now, the box style indicator works properly when navigating continuously.


Bug Fixes

  • #239667 - Now, the RTL alignment is proper in ComboBox.


Bug Fixes

  • #239946, #239951 - Application crash will no longer occur when validation DataTemplate is used in DataForm.


Bug Fixes

  • #241485 - [Android] When editing, keyboard will come to view on two taps as expected in Xamarin.Forms version 3.2 and above.
  • #241304 - Header row will not be rendered outside the datagrid bounds when scrolling horizontally in Xamarin.Forms version 3.2 above.
  • #240962 - [iOS] Refreshing indicator is now loaded properly when refreshing the SfDataGrid using programmatic pull to refresh in the OnAppearing() override of the page.


Bug Fixes

  • #241688 - [UWP] Swiping works properly when rotator is placed inside SfListView.

  • #241699 - [Android] SfListView will not execute LoadMoreCommand for tap event and will execute on some slight move action when LoadMoreOption is AutoOnScroll.

  • #241306 - Dynamic sorting works properly in SfListView control.

Known Issues

  • [Android] Scrolling & swiping does not work properly in the SfListView control. This issue has been fixed in our and later versions.


Bug Fixes

  • #241877, #240076 - Now, the IsOpen API works properly for SecondaryDrawerSettings.


Bug Fixes

  • #242412, #242159, #F145996 - [Android] Free text annotation will be preserved properly while saving the PDF document.


Bug Fixes

  • #241986 - Header and footer will appear based on the values of PopupView.ShowHeader and PopupView.ShowFooter even while showing a popup when tapping in listview.
  • #241569 - [Android] The close button of PopupView will be loaded with the correct image based on the image source set to the SfPopupLayout.PopupStyle.CloseButtonIcon property.


Bug Fixes

  • #145669 - [Android,UWP] Now, the AllDayAppointment panel will be arranged properly when changing the ShowAllDay property to true at run time.


Bug Fixes

  • #I235316 - Now, the SelectionChanged event of SegmentedControl does not occur every time when scrolling the list view.


Bug Fixes

  • #237114, #237576 - Line shapes are now rendered properly when converting Excel to PDF.
  • #230937 - Excel document is now converted properly while using the OFFSET function.
  • #236370 - DateTime value is now returned correctly in UK culture.
  • #238322 - Pivot table row header is now preserved properly when converting Excel to PDF.
  • #236131 - PivotTable will no longer be crashed on refreshing the resaved Excel file.
  • #239384 - Performance delay will no longer occur while resaving the Excel document.
  • #237809 - Conditional format formula for specific text is now updated properly while copying cells.
  • #236873 - DisplayText is now returned correctly when accessing the date time using formula with DDDD number format.
  • #238626 - Creating table with invalid table name will throw an exception.
  • #236136 - PercentOfParent option is now set correctly while creating a pivot table.
  • #237114 - AutoShape text is now rendered properly when converting Excel to PDF.
  • #239217 - Cell text with lesser than and greater than symbols are now preserved properly when converting the worksheet to HTML.
  • #236197 - Time value is now set correctly for 1904 enabled workbook.
  • #F144906 - Active worksheet is now unselected when multiple worksheets are selected in the Excel file.
  • Exception will no longer be thrown when getting intersect range from invalid named ranges.
  • Saving the input document as xlsx file after saving it as xml document will no longer be corrupted.
  • CalcEngine will no longer be reinitialized after performing Excel to PDF conversion.
  • Legend text color is now preserved properly on saving the Excel document.
  • Chart is now preserved properly on copying the worksheet using the AddCopy() method.
  • Output Excel file will no longer be corrupted when an empty pivot table is updated with data and saved using XlsIO.
  • Exception will no longer be thrown while using named range for page setup in XlsIO.