Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

June 18, 2019


Bug Fixes

  • #236758 - The validation label of custom editor will be arranged properly when custom height is set for Editor.
  • #234984 - The Picker editor will display DisplayMemberPath value when ItemsSource changed at runtime.


Bug Fixes

  • #232478 - Now, the current cell border will be drawn properly for all the programmatic selection cases(SfDataGrid.SelectedItem, SfDataGrid.SelectedItems, SfDataGrid.CurrentItem, SfDataGrid.SelectedIndex) even when the selected row is not in the view currently.
  • #232002, #233335 - Now, the next page button in the SfDataPager will be moved to enabled status properly even when SfDataPager.ItemsSource is set after the view created event is fired.

Behavior changes

  • Selection will be applied only when the row at the given SfDataGrid.SelectedIndex is a data row. Selection will not be applied if the row at SfDataGrid.SelectedIndex is different from a data row. Henceforth, you need to get the record using the SfDataGrid.View.GetRecordAt(SfDataGrid.ResolveToRecordIndex(index)) method. Using the obtained record, get the actual row index of the data row using the SfDataGrid.ResolveToRowIndex(record.Data) method and then use this row index as the SelectedIndex.


Bug Fixes

  • #235193, #144138 - [Android] SfButton text will be updated properly when SfExpander has large amount of data.


Bug fixes


Bug Fixes

  • #144632 - [Android,iOS] ExpanderTemplate does not appear properly on expanding the parent node using LoadOnDemand issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #234789 - Multiple filter is now working properly in pivot table while setting IsMultiFieldFilter as TRUE.