Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

April 30, 2019


Bug fixes

  • # F144090 - [Android] The Java.Lang.LinkageError will no longer be thrown when setting the content to the badge view in Android version 4.4 devices.


Bug fixes

  • #I230471 - [Android] Now, the visual state of button works properly when scrolling the scroll view with more buttons.
  • #I228722, #I231864, #I232162, #I232249, #F143757 - [iOS] Now, the SfButton clicked event works properly inside the scrollable controls.
  • #I233599 - [iOS] Now, the ArgumentException will no longer occur when changing the current directory to MyDocuments.



  • #143085, #230971, #233105 –The calendar performance will improve when loading more appointments per a day


Bug fixes

  • #I233181 - [iOS] Now, the stacked DoughnutSeries is rendered properly with minimum values when setting the CapStyle.
  • #I232307 - [iOS] Now, the FastLineSeries does not disappear when zooming the chart.


Bug Fixes

  • #232174 – The Time Editor is arranged properly when using scrollable watermark in DataForm (Android).

Breaking Changes

  • #232622- The Group Expander and Collapse icon will display properly as per standards


Bug Fixes

  • #I230648 - [UWP] Now, the Checkbox inside the GridSwitchColumn will be aligned properly when scroll quickly in horizontal direction.
  • #I232359 - Now, the columns will no longer be clipped when setting SfDataGrid.ScrollingMode to ScrollingMode.Line.
  • #I232359 - Now, the rows are rendered properly when a value less than the default value is set to SfDataGrid.RowHeight when SfDataGrid.ScrollingMode is set to ScrollingMode.Line.
  • #I233437 - Now, the numeric buttons in the SfDataPager are displayed based on SfDataPager.NumericButtonCount for all values of View.LayoutOptions.


Bug fixes

  • # F143025,I234600 – [UWP] Application will no longer be freeze when saving the image in release mode.


Bug Fixes

  • #231397, #231401 - The GroupHeader works properly without flickering when Expand and Collapse the GroupHeaderItem.

  • #231394 - [iOS] Tap responses will be updated for interaction speed.

  • #231833 - [iOS, UWP] The SelectionBackgroundColor will be updated for the SelectedItems when navigate back to the same ListView page.


Bug fixes

  • #F143841 - Now, the value of public Value property will be updated correctly.


Bug Fixes

  • #I232527 - [Android] When pulling animation is in progress, the application will no longer hang in devices that have PowerSaverMode setting enabled.


Bug Fixes

  • #234155 - [iOS] SfRadialMenu item tapped now works properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #228167 - [Android] The TreeView works when it is placed inside the NavigationDrawer.

  • #231038 - [Android] The object dispose exception will no longer occur when TreeView is removed from the content page and again added to the content page.


Bug Fixes

  • #F144022, #224520 - Conditional formatting formula with sheet reference is now proper.
  • #228711 - Performance will not degrade on exporting data from Grid to Excel.
  • #226133 - ArgumentOutOfRangeException is no longer thrown while accessing a range from cloned workbook.
  • #225831 - NullReferenceException is no longer thrown while converting worksheet to PDF.
  • #229460 - Exception is no longer thrown while converting Excel to PDF with hyperlink.
  • #F142864 - Exception is no longer thrown while accessing IRange.Value property in multi threading.