Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

February 22,2018


Bug Fixes

  • Due to System.IO.PathTooLongException error during compilation, we have changed the folder name of samples for individual controls to fix this issue and it is refreshed on March 2, 2018.



  • #135185, #135243, #156004, #119389, #157231, #125603, #163232, #164076, #164410, #164724, #167776, #170758, #129910, #129911, #177323, #156820, #182239, #189834, #197733 - Added support for Word to PDF conversion.
  • #192592 - Added option to import styles with new unique name, if style exist in destination document with same name and different type.
  • #149806 - Added support to preserve editable range permissions of protected Word document in DOCX to DOCX conversion.

Breaking Changes

  • The property ImportStylesOnTypeMismatch was added to the IWordDocument interface.
  • Overload methods OpenReadOnly was added to the IWordDocument interface.
  • Complete field code is now included in Document Object Model(DOM) and in the Text property of WParagraph class. Whereas in previous versions, partial field code is included in DOM. For more information, kindly refer here.
  • #184371 - The TableGrid style is now applied to the table that is added using AddTable() or WTable(IWordDocument doc) API, like Microsoft Word application. Whereas in previous versions, the TableGrid style is not applied to the table.

Bug Fixes

  • #190591 - DOC format document opens properly after modifying the protection type from ‘AllowOnlyFormFields’ to other types for a particular Word document.
  • #194503 - Owner information is now set properly while merging comment from source to destination document.
  • #192944 - CustomDocumentProperties with whitespace values are parsed properly in a particular Word document.
  • #191534 - PAGE and NUMPAGES fields are preserved properly while converting a particular RTF Word document as DOCX.
  • #189597 - ArgumentOutOfRangeException and NullReferenceException will be no longer thrown while deleting and accessing a bookmark content from a particular Word document.
  • #190880 - The resultant Word document is no longer corrupted after updating the UpdateDocumentFields for a particular Word document.
  • #190024 - Images are removed properly while clearing the Word document elements.
  • #191067 - StackOverflowException will be no longer thrown while loading a particular Word document.
  • #189874 - Memory leak issue has been resolved while saving a particular Word document as RTF document (multiple times).
  • #188568 - Print Layout view is now preserved properly while opening/printing resultant RTF document in Microsoft Word 2016.
  • #190621 - NullReferenceException will be no longer thrown while opening a particular Word document.
  • #189655 - Bullet size is now preserved properly while merging a particular Word document elements.
  • #189185 - BuiltinDocumentProperties (Company,manager) are imported properly while opening particular DOC format document.
  • #188296 - OutOfMemoryException will be no longer thrown while updating document fields for a particular Word document.
  • #194825 - Table width is now updated properly while setting the table cell width for a particular Word document.
  • #194535 - Paragraph spacing is now preserved properly while importing a particular RTF format document.
  • #195688 - The file is no longer corrupted while extracting and saving native data of an OLE object.
  • #194420 - BookmarkEnd is now preserved properly while importing a particular DOCX format document.
  • #178727 - Numbering.xml file size is not increasing to huge size while importing multiple Word documents.



  • Added NuGet support for SfTabView, SfMaskedEdit, SfDataForm, SfPopupLayout, and SfProgressBar control in Xamarin platform.

  • Added NuGet support for SfRadialMenu control in Xamarin UWP platform.

  • Added NuGet package with .NET Standard support for DocIORenderer in Xamarin platform.



  • #183293 - Added support to load the X509Certificate for digital signing using PdfCertificate class.
  • #194410 - Added support to retrieve all the ink points collections from PdfLoadedInkAnnotation.
  • #195867 - Added support to get creation date and name from the PdfLoadedFreeTextAnnotation.
  • Added support to toggle the visibility of an existing layers from the PDF document.
  • Added support to timestamp the PDF document.

Bug Fixes

  • #192637 - Null reference exception no longer occurs when removing a page from the particular PDF document.
  • #190237 - System not supported exception no longer occurs when merging the PDF document with digital signature.
  • #190870 - Text preservation issue no longer occurs while drawing existing template into another page.
  • #189471 - Empty PdfColor is now retrieving as the background color of PdfLoadedTextBoxField which has no background color.
  • #189756 - Out of range exception no longer occurs while drawing JPEG image to PDF document.
  • #191567 - Null reference exception no longer occurs while reading existing combo box values.
  • #187013 - PDF layers count is retrieving properly while loading an existing document.
  • #190046 - PdfTextMarkup annotation fore color is now preserving properly.
  • #191487 - Form fields data is preserving properly after adding the signature certificate to PDF document.
  • #194078 - OnInstantiate property in 3D annotation is now working properly.
  • #193908 - Null reference exception no longer occurs when drawing a string to the PDF document.
  • #195301 - Individual page size will no longer increase during splitting of PDF document.
  • #195831 - Adding layers are now working as expected in multi-threading environment.
  • #194823 - Time out exception will no longer occurs when converting Word to PDF document if, EnableCache set to false.
  • #196133 - The generated document is not corrupted when loading the PDF document with OpenAndRepair.
  • #195867 - Modified free text annotation content is now properly visible in the Adobe Reader.
  • #195735 - Index and length referred to a location within the string exception will no longer occurs while loading particular PDF document.
  • #195973 - Image index is not valid exception will no longer thrown while replacing image in particular PDF document.
  • #195246 - This implementation is not a part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms exception will no longer thrown while converting particular word document to PDF.
  • #194854 - Performance is improved while retrieving PdfLoadedPage from PdfLoadedPageCollection.
  • #195652 - Radio button item from PdfLoadedRadioButtonListField is retrieving properly in particular page of a PDF document.
  • #190724 - PDFCacheCollection is properly disposed when closing the document.
  • #195286 - Namespace prefix ‘pdf’ is not defined exception is no longer thrown while loading a PDF document.
  • #195206 - Application no longer hangs while extracting images from the PDF document.
  • #194851 - Performance is improved while merging PDF documents.
  • #194854 - Performance is improved while adding more layers to PDF pages.
  • #194875 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object exception no longer thrown while merging PDF documents.
  • #194300 - Fixed the performance issue while converting Word to PDF using direct conversion.
  • #193159 - Particular image is now drawing properly in PDF page.
  • #133564,195274 - PdfTextElement is not hanging if the text is lesser than the bounds.
  • #134651 - Form fields are not missing in PdfLoadedFormFieldCollection for the specific document.
  • Null reference exception will be no longer thrown while adding ink annotation using PdfLoadedDocument.
  • Improved the performance of drawing PdfGrid with row and column spans.


Breaking Changes

  • An overload method for AddChart was added to the interfaces IShapes and IPresentationCharts

Bug Fixes

  • #193673 - Image in a PowerPoint slide is no longer replaced by another image while applying PictureFill in the same slide.
  • #195363 - Charts with 3D format are now preserved properly while re-saving the PowerPoint presentation.
  • #195363 - Charts are now preserved properly after editing the chart data while re-saving the PowerPoint presentation.
  • #196586 - Charts in the re-saved PowerPoint presentation are now visible in Google Slides and Apple Keynote applications.
  • #195136 - The PowerPoint presentation is no longer corrupted while editing the chart data.
  • #195136 - Shapes in the charts are now preserved properly while re-saving the PowerPoint presentation.


Bug Fixes

  • #197708 - Now, DropDown is gets updated correctly while rotating the AutoComplete control.
  • #195253 - Now, Binding is working fine while changing the SelectionChanged event.
  • #195253 - Now, DropDown items are Working fine while using custom DropDown view in AutoComplete control.
  • #195253 , #196198 - Now, Collections gets updated correctly while typing.
  • #194614 , #135365 , #196830 - Now, DropDown is working fine while changing the mode.


  • Now Autocomplete’s searching performance has been improved by this we can load and search through 100,000 items in less than a second.
  • The Autocomplete control has a provision to apply your search logic that suggests the items based on your search


  • Now we have provided Diacritic search support to AutoComplete[Android and iOS]. By these items containing diacritic marks will be filtered.
  • Now we can able to select multiple items in AutoComplete by these two options Token and Delimiter.
  • Now the user can avoid the popup and still able to get the filter items from the collection from FilteredItems property.
  • HeaderView and FooterView supports are provided in AutoComplete by this user can customize the top and bottom of the popup.
  • Now we can restrict and show top suggestions by using the property MaximumSuggestionCount. And we can load more items on demand.
  • Now we can highlight the matched text in each filtered items.


Bug Fixes

  • #195379 - Now, SfBusyIndicator is fitted correctly inside ViewBox.
  • #199563 - Hereafter Object disposed Exception will not occur while Rotating device and build refreshed on March 02,2018.


Bug Fixes

  • #195633 – Now, Custom month cell is working fine in the Android platform.
  • #195480 – Now, BlackoutDates and BorderColor are displayed properly in iOS platform.


  • Now Calendar supports navigation direction both horizontally and vertically.
  • ShowYearView API has been implemented to restrict year view navigation.
  • SfCalendar supports multi range selection option.
  • Now Inline events populated in agenda view
  • Now implemented common CellTemplate for all day cells
  • CellGridOptions API has been implemented for enable or disable the horizontal and vertical lines
  • SelectionShape API has been implemented for providing selection shape to fill or circle.

Breaking Changes

  • Now OnMonthCellLoaded event get fired 126 time at initial month view loading and we have provided IsCurrentMonth boolean property to check whether the date is current month or not.



  • I158592, I157509, I158482, I190450, I192386, I194571, I197697 – Gradient color support has been provided to chart series.

  • I161620, I162865, I143497, F120103, I151003 – Now, each legend item can be customized with data template. LegendCreated and LegendClicked event have been provided.

  • F131254, I182729 – Now, the chart control supports spline range area series type.

  • I191942, F135184 - Exposed the label style property in the event argument of ‘LabelCreated’ event of chart axis to customize the appearance of individual axis labels.

  • Show and Hide methods have been provided to show and hide the tooltip, respectively.


  • 160860, 161726, 191664 – Now, the chart can be suspended and resumed to insert the bulk data points at run time to avoid the chart rendering for each modification in data source.

  • Now, the date time axis labels are auto-formatted based on the visible date time range. It will show only required components of date-time instead of all the components. For example, “MMM-yyyy” format will be applied if the axis labels are plotted in month interval. This can be overridden by setting the required format to ‘ChartAxis.LabelStyle.LabelFormat’ property.

Breaking Changes

  • The default label format of ‘DateTimeAxis’ has been modified based on the visible range.

  • Font property has been deprecated. Instead of this property, individual properties have been exposed to customize the font, i.e FontSize, FontFamily and FontAttributes.

  • The series color will be applied to the shape of data marker if the UseSeriesPalette property of ChartSeries is true.

  • The default size and margin of some chart elements have been changed for better UI appearance.

Bug Fixes

  • # 195554 – ObjectDisposedException will no longer occur when toggling the legend with line and spline series in iOS.

  • # 195859 – UnhandledException will no longer occur when the ‘ChartLegend’ overflow mode set as wrap.

  • # 193536 – Connector line will not collide with data labels in doughnut series when set the ‘DataMarkerPosition’ to ‘OutsideExtended’.

  • # 196666 – Text alignment will work for the shape annotation in UWP.

  • # 196741 – ObjectDisposedException will no longer occur with trackball behavior.

  • # 197309 – Polar series will render properly in UWP when having invisible x axis.

  • # 197674 – The issue custom colors are not getting applied to the series has been fixed and refreshed on March 02, 2018.


Bug Fixes

  • # 195151,197205,198137 – Range will render properly for all set of start/end values

  • # 194146 – Memory leaks has been resolved when gauge is disposed in Android

  • # 196130 – Scale RimColor will not apply in gauge’s background, when custom layout used

  • # 135465 – Gauge size will be resized properly,when frame orientation changed

  • # 191800 – Circular Ranges will render properly in StackLayout.

  • # 192373,194720,194804,194100 – Application crash and NullReferenceException will no longer be occur, when disposing SfCircularGauge object.

  • # 191486 – NewLine character inside scale LabelPrefix property is working properly in Forms.Android.

  • # 191179,193382 – Range will render if StartValue and EndValue are same as scale values.


Breaking Changes

  • Below SfCircularGauge’s elements default appearance has been changed

    • Scale RimColor has been changed from Red to Gray
    • Ticks Size has been changed
    • Label Position and Color has been changed
    • NeedlePointer Style has been changed
    • MarkerPointer Size has been changed
    • Gauge’s Range Position,Size and Color has been changed

SfDataForm Preview

The new data form control edit the data fields of any data object. It can be used to develop various forms such as login, reservation, data entry, etc.

Key features

  • Support to linear and grid layouts along with the grouping support.
  • Support to load images as captions to the editor.
  • Built-in support to text, numeric, numeric up-down, picker, date picker, time picker, switch, and checkbox editors.
  • Support to load the custom editors.
  • Built-in support to validate the data based on INotifyDataErrorInfo and data annotations.
  • Support programmatically to handle the validation.
  • Support to customize the layout with different heights for each item.


Bug fixes

  • #195287 - Load more option not working properly with VerticalOverScrollMode is None has been fixed.
  • #192594 - Application crashed while filtering the JSON data has been fixed.
  • #F135247, F135104, 193165, 194733, 197139, 195742, 198350 - Exception when grouping and ungrouping a column in runtime with selection has been fixed.
  • #F135104, 195174 - GridTapped event returns incorrect column index with frozen columns has been fixed.
  • #194504 - Improper drawing of horizontal lines at scale 125% in Xamarin.Forms.UWP has been fixed.
  • #195792 - Grid cell background color applied using cell style is disabled when reusing the grid rows has been fixed.
  • #192256 - Exception occurs while editing a date time cell that holds a null value has been fixed.
  • #195742 - Exception occurs when removing a row in runtime with grouping enabled has been fixed.


  • Default appearance of the control and the icons used in the control have been improved for a better visual experience.
  • #194291 - Support for MinimumHeightRequest and MinimumWidthRequest has been provided.
  • #189425 - Support to refresh the view programmatically has been provided that helps to refresh grid manually when binding with Dictionary or even whenever required.
  • Support to align summary column text based on grid column text alignment for all summaries has been provided.
  • Exposed View-related APIs directly in the data grid itself that allow you to bind them in XAML.
  • Support for GridTappedCommand and GridLongPressedCommand has been provided which allows you to bind a command to be executed with end-user interaction.
  • Support for handling the QueryRowDragging event when a row is dropped without changing the record index has been provided.
  • Support for binding SelectedItems to let end users bind selection from view model.


  • #159932 - Support for Group summaries with both row and cell level template customization has been provided.
  • #192242 - Support to apply only selection effect or both selection effect and styling effect for cells and rows has been provided.
  • Support to customize the font attributes for all the summaries in the data grid control has been provided.



  • Mind map diagram can be created interactively now.
  • Supports user handles which are like placeholders to add icons or view around the node and associate perform custom actions.
  • Customization support for stencil header has been added.
  • Now, provides support to add and manipulate curve connector between two nodes.
  • Diagram elements can be arranged one over the other using Z-order.


Bug Fixes

  • #194554– Now Java.Lang.Object Exception will not throw in SfImageEditor.

  • #193557,193518 – Now “cannot able to access the dispose object” exception will not throw in SfImageEditor.

  • #194591– Now ImageEditor will not get crashed while adding arrow shapes even after changing the device culture other than English.

  • #193625,195027–Image from the stream will not take more image size than the original image.

  • #193304-Now image will renderer properly with the retrieved stream from ImageSaving argument.

  • #192051-Now ImageEditor will not throw unhandled exception when loading stream as ImageEditor source.

  • #192860-Now toolbar visibility will work properly.

  • #192949- Since Assets Library framework is deprecated from iOS 9.0, we have used PHPhotoLibrary to save image to gallery.

  • #197916- Now, freehand drawing will not perform initially when toolbar visibility is set to false.

  • #197587- ImageEditor will not get crashed when performing freehand drawing followed by rotating and saving the image in Forms UWP.

  • #197800,135860- Now, “System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled” exception will not be thrown in SfImageEditor.

  • #197703- Background color property will work properly in Forms Android.

  • #135707-Now, Text position will save correctly in Forms Android.

  • #197564-Now Toolbar visibility will work properly in iOS.

  • #197559- SavingEvent will not get fired after saving has been finished.

  • #195396,197559 -Now,Dummy image will not get create when saving an image.

  • #195396-Now, Saved argument will not get fired when args.Cancel is set to true in Android.

  • #190741-Now GetStream method will not returns null value in ImageEditor.

  • #197889- ImageEditor will get fit when it is used inside a scrollView in Xamarin.Forms.

  • #195131- Now, Path will drawn correctly in ImageEditor.


  • #F133392,F135087,I196278,I197803- Added ToolbarCustomization support to add,remove toolbar items in image editor.

  • #I187749,I190329 - Now ImageEditor provides support for crop the image with aspect ratio.

  • Added Serialization and Deserialization support to save the current state of image editor elements and load when its needed.

  • ImageEditor provides Zooming support in Xamarin.Forms.UWP.

  • Added Z-Ordering support to place a shape in front of, behind, or between other shapes in ImageEditor.


Bug Fixes

  • # 199373 – NullReferenceException which occurred while navigating to the previous page has been fixed and refreshed on March 02, 2018.


Bug Fixes

  • # 196965 – Gauge labels will render same on Android and iOS

  • # 191858 – Bar Color property is working properly in Forms.Android


  • Header support has been added to the linear gauge for displaying titles.

  • The linear gauge’s scale and bar pointers support the following locations for a corner radius

    • Start
    • End
    • Both
    • None
  • The linear gauge supports the following symbol pointers

    • Circle
    • Diamond
    • Image
    • Inverted triangle
    • Rectangle
    • Triangle
  • Auto interval support has been provided for the linear gauge scale to maintain an interval based on its size

  • The linear gauge supports positioning the scale’s ticks and pointers on either side of the scale

  • The linear gauge supports annotations containing UI elements

Breaking Changes

  • LinearGauge default appearance has been changed for Scale,Ticks,Label,Pointers and Ranges



  • #130721 - Support to customize the view of selected items by defining the SelectedItemTemplate.
  • #197809 - Support to notify whenever an item appeared into the view and disappeared from the view on loading, scrolling, disposing, etc.
  • #194283, #194440, /#195923, /#197597 - Provided two way binding support for SelectedItems and SpanCount properties.
  • #127947, #191905 - Provided support for TapCommand and HoldCommand for tap and hold actions on items.
  • #169207, #128758, #183391, #132434 - Provided the touch position in the event arguments of ItemHolding, ItemDoubleTapped, and ItemTapped events.
  • Support to reorder the data in the underlying collection when dragging and dropping the item.

Bug fixes

  • #193749 - SfListView loaded inside the ScrollView is working fine whenever changing the device orientation.
  • #194401, #195453, #197339 - Null reference exception is no longer thrown when tapping the sticky group header while load more is in progress.
  • #194682, #195407 - DisplayItems can be obtained in the Loaded event when the ItemSource bound in XAML.
  • #195194 - ListViewItem is no longer duplicated in all groups when grouped by complex property.
  • #135424 - List items are now layout properly when deleting an item in the grid layout.
  • #134866, #197714 - In UWP, exception is no longer thrown when drag and drop the item on windows OS version Fall Creators Update.

Breaking Changes

  • Hereafter Single selection mode won’t deselect the selected item by selecting again. This behavior can be achieved by using SingleDeselect selection mode.



  • Provided RangeColorMapping Support in Maps

Bug Fixes

  • # 192599 – USA shapefile will render properly in navigation page for Forms Android Platform.

SfMaskedEdit preview

The masked text box control lets the user to restrict the input to certain types of characters, text, numbers using a mask pattern. This control is used to create a template for providing information such as telephone numbers, IP addresses, product IDs, etc.


  • Users can mask input with fixed length or variable length by setting the ‘MaskType’ to ‘Text’ or ‘RegEx’, respectively.
  • Users can set the custom prompt character.
  • Special symbols like the currency symbol, date separator, decimal separator, etc., can be localized based on culture.
  • Input validation can be done either during each key press or when the control loses focus.
  • Values can be accessed with or without literal and prompt characters.
  • Clipboard operations with or without literal and prompt characters.
  • Watermark text that can be used to display an instruction or important information.
  • The UI of the masked text box is completely customizable.


Bug Fixes

  • #199563 - Now, SfNavigationDrawer Frames correctly in iOS platform and build refreshed on March 02,2018.


Bug Fixes

  • #197209 – Now, NumericTextBox value is working fine while applying a large value.
  • #196243 – Now, NumericTextBox keypad is working fine.
  • #195942 – Now, ListView is working properly in SfNumericTextBox.
  • #193638 – Now, SfNumericTextBox is working fine while using UnFocused event.


Bug Fixes

  • #197193 – Now,NumericUpDown value is working fine in API version 19.
  • #135403 – Now,SfNumericUpDown is working fine while applying a Watermark property in Android platform.


Bug Fixes

  • #194713,192776 - Reduced the memory leak while loading or unloading the PDF documents.
  • #192872 - Crop box contained PDF documents are now displayed properly.
  • #199422 - App crashing issue when PDF document is loaded with IsVisibility set to false in SfPdfViewer in Xamarin.Forms.Android has been resolved and refreshed on March 05, 2018.
  • #199532,200123 - Compilation error caused due to usage of application attribute in SfPdfViewer in Xamarin.Forms.Android has been resolved and refreshed on March 05, 2018.


  • #168332,168786,168713,168837,168788,179008,180907,161126,189198,190492,176128,192347 - Added support for ink annotation.
  • #165078 - Added support for built-in toolbar.
  • #196028 - Optimized loading time of PDF documents.
  • Added support for document link annotation.


Bug Fixes

  • #196642 , #197044 , #197211 - Now, SfPicker is working fine when binding a selected item.
  • #193797 , #193788 - Now, Custom image view is working fine in SfPicker in Android platform.
  • #195411 - Now, SfPicker is working fine in the Android platform.
  • #199563 - Popup placement is working fine and build refreshed on March 02,2018.

SfPopupLayout Preview

The pop-up layout control can communicate important information to users with ease as pop-ups. Highlight and communicate all important information to users in simple, yet fully customizable pop-up views. They’re adaptive to existing applications with few lines of code.

Key Features

  • Built-in layouts: Layouts are built-in, yet customizable, to display all information. Custom layouts can also be loaded.
  • Model View representation: Built-in close icon with command support.
  • Animations: Built-in animations for pop-ups when displayed and dismissed.
  • Position customizations: Built-in customization options to display pop-ups in different ways, such as:
    • Centered
    • Relative to another view
    • At touch point
    • At custom position
  • Validations: Built-in validations for positioning pop-ups in the view.

SfProgressBar Preview

The progress bar provides a customizable visual that indicates the progress of a task.

Key Features

  • Visualize progress in different shapes: rectangles and circles.
  • Customize the ranges with different colors in linear progress bars.
  • Customize the progress and track thickness.
  • Display custom content at the center of circular progress bars.
  • Visualize progress in segments.
  • Customize the angle of circular progress bars.


  • #199909 - The binding support for custom content in circular progress bar has been provided and refreshed on March 02, 2018.



  • Support to customize the layout when transition mode is push has been provided. Now, the pull-to-refresh control, when hosted with the data grid control as pullable content with a transition mode as push, bounces only the body region of the data grid when performing a pull-to-refresh action.


Bug Fixes

  • #197266 - Issue with Clicked event has been resolved.
  • #135353 - Now, Image loading is working properly in SfRadialMenu in Android platform.
  • #135366 - Now, Images getting Binded correctly in SfRadialMenu.

RadialMenu for XamarinForm UWP

  • The new radial menu is useful for displaying a hierarchical menu in a circular layout. Typically used as a context menu, it can expose more menu items in the same space than traditional menus.

Key Features

  • Multiple levels.
  • Custom view.
  • Custom Segmentation.
  • Font Icons.
  • Drag on view.
  • Rim rotation.


Bug Fixes

  • #197292 - Now, RangeSlider is working as expected while changing a value.
  • #195812 - Now, RangeSlider control is working fine while using inside the SfListView control.


Bug Fixes

  • #196850 - Now, Scroll animation direction is working fine in iOS.
  • #196491 - Now, SfNumericUpDown control is working fine while SfRotator is setting inside.
  • #195977 - Now, Multiple items are displayed in SfRotator control.


Bug Fixes

  • #194915 - Now, daily recurrence appointment will be rendered properly in schedule Xamarin.Forms(Android and iOS).
  • #195593 - Now, Custom view and cell style applied in MonthCellLoaded event will not get cleared after a Swipe Xamarin.Forms(Android).
  • #193642 - Now, VisibleDatesChanged event will be triggered only once when changed NavigateTo dynamically in Xamarin.Forms(Android).
  • #194396 - Now, inline view will be refreshed when new appointments are added dynamically with inline view open in schedule.
  • #135367 - Now, Schedule added in Navigation page will be rendered properly when orientation changed in Xamarin.Forms(Android).
  • #197087 - Now, NullReferenceException will not occur while clearing appointments when disposing Schedule.
  • #194949 - Now, inline view will be viewed correctly without any white space with the appointments or NoEvents string in the view in Xamarin.Forms(iOS).
  • #194901 - Now, exception will not occur when appointment subject is set as null in Xamarin.Forms(iOS).
  • #193307, #188729 - Now, image will be rendered when added in layout in AppointmentLoaded event in Xamarin.Forms(Android).
  • #135908 - Now, MoveToDate property with current day works properly in Xamarin.Forms (Android).


  • #131301, #134843, #190242, #191522, #193976 ,#197944 - Support to change the start and end hour display in day, week, and workweek views to show only the needed time durations for end users have been provided.
  • #193483 - Support to set the minimum appointment height regardless of appointment duration have been provided.
  • #194307 - Command support for CellTapped, CellDoubleTapped, CellLongPressed, and VisibleDatesChanged events has been added.
  • #170097 - Support to customize all-day and span appointments have been provided.
  • #194425 - Provided DateFormat and DayFormat support for view header and ScheduleHeaderDateFormat support for schedule header.
  • #135908, #198681 - Provided DataTemplate support for Appointments.
  • Support to customize the appointments using appointment template and appointment template selector have been provided.
  • Previously, the UWP schedule had a Windows Phone appearance. Now, the new lightweight UWP schedule has been enhanced for better performance. The workweek view and week view usability and appearance have been improved based on Google Calendar.
  • Month inline view, appointment rendering, and selection appearances have been improved.
  • Support for Current day highlighting in the month view have been provided.
  • Animations have been enhanced in the inline view and all day panel to improve the user experience.

Breaking Changes

  • Deprecated property DateLabelSize of MonthLabelSettings has been removed, instead use FontSize property of MonthViewCellStyle to set the size for labels.

SfTabView Preview

The tab view control lets users explore and switch among different views.

Key Features

  • Tab header type with text, font icons, and no header.

  • Scrollable content and header.

  • Top and bottom placements of header.

  • Layout option for overflow tabs.

Note: Currently SfTabView is available only on Xamarin.Forms Android and Xamarin.Forms iOS platforms.


Bug Fixes

  • # 195849 – Ranges property will work properly when set through binding



  • #189521 - Provided support to get cell’s precedents and dependents.
  • #174825 - Provided support for paste link option in CopyTo operation.
  • #F130774 - XlsIO now allows data to be filtered by a cell or font and conditional formatting colors.
  • #192098 - Provided support for exporting Excel data to business objects.
  • Provided support for alternative text in list objects.
  • Provided support to filter data by icons.

Breaking Changes

  • #189521 - GetDependents(), GetPrecedents() methods are added in IRange interface to get cell’s precedents and dependents.
  • #192482 - RangeIndexerMode is added in IApplication interface to include indexer behavior of Interop.
  • #174825 - CopyTo method in IRange interface is overloaded with a boolean variable indicating paste link option.
  • #F130774 - AddColorFilter and RemoveColorFilter methods are added in IAutoFilter interface.
  • #192098 - ExportData<T> is added in IWorksheet interface.
  • AlternativeText and Summary properties are added in IListObject interface.
  • AddIconFilter and RemoveIconFilter methods are added in IAutoFilter interface.
  • IWorksheet interface is implemented with IEnumerable.

Bug fixes

  • #194195 - Corruption issue while copying a worksheet with JPG image is resolved.
  • #190466 - Cell value with thousand separator is now properly detected as number in German culture.
  • #192875 - Performance issue while converting Excel documents with embedded fonts is fixed.
  • #193873 - Excel workbook with duplicate comments can be resaved successfully without corruption.
  • #193832 - File name with space is truncated in HTTP response is resolved.
  • #192726 - Issue with DisplayText property, when cell formulas involve TODAY() function is fixed.
  • #193646 - Freeze panes are now updated properly while deleting the row.
  • #193315 - Exception is no longer thrown while setting calculated column formula using table from another worksheet.
  • #192964, #192961 - Binary Excel documents with improper column value for an image can be opened successfully without exception.
  • #192558 - Issue with hyperlink address changed on resave is resolved.
  • #192558 - Borders and text alignment are copied properly between workbooks.
  • #191260 - Pivot table layout is improper when one or more fields with same name is fixed.
  • #191561 - Application hangs while setting ShowTotals to false for the table having hyperlink is fixed.
  • #192241 - Issue while adding multiple SVG images to an Excel document is fixed.
  • #191657 - Formatting issue while copying the worksheets is fixed.
  • #191673 - Hanging and corruption issues while resaving the binary Excel document with rich text stream record is fixed.
  • #191958 - Issue with table header cell string while accessing the DisplayText is fixed.
  • #191745 - Issue with group shapes hyperlink on resave is fixed.
  • #191723 - Chart number formats will be preserved properly on resave.
  • #189288 - Issue with row height for different font sizes is fixed.
  • #191316 - Issue with template marker default variable type action is fixed.
  • #188006 - Border line style issue while getting cell style is resolved.
  • #190663 - Template marker performance is improved while copying conditional formats.
  • #190031 - Excel document without table name can be opened successfully without argument exception.
  • #190343, #191860 - Formula with external workbook reference value is incorrect on resave is fixed.
  • #189712 - ArgumentOutOfRange exception while copying cells between different workbooks is fixed.
  • #190381 - Excel document no longer gets corrupted while creating chart with EnterDirectValues().
  • #190229 - Decimal separator is now recognized properly while setting formula in Czech and German cultures.
  • #190232 - Issue with display text when the number formats end with white-space is fixed.
  • #189693 - Excel document is no longer corrupted when creating new sheets in macro-enabled workbook.
  • #189681 - Excel document with empty preset dash value can be opened without XML exception.
  • #189308 - Issue with cell styles and formatting applied to the excluded hidden ranges is fixed.
  • #189191 - InvalidOperation exception is no longer thrown while saving Excel documents.
  • #191133, #194961 - Excel document is no longer corrupted while resaving Excel document with pivot table.
  • #194356 - Excel document gets corrupted while downloading XlsIO resaved file from Internet Explorer browser is fixed.
  • #195255 - Performance issue while using workbook.Close() is fixed.
  • #194919 - Commented text and underlined style is incorrect while serializing to XML format is fixed.
  • #194718 - Conditional format range gets merged while creating icon set conditional format twice is fixed.
  • #194576 - Comment gets removed while moving the range is fixed.
  • #194093 - Fill color gets modified while changing chart type of the series is fixed.
  • #193171 - Out of Memory exception is thrown while copying large data using CopyTo method is resolved.
  • #193306 - Issue with CopyTo() method while copying the column with merged area is fixed.
  • #193873 - File corruption issue when resaved with comments is fixed.
  • #196758 - File size issue due to worksheet relations for the deleted worksheet while saving the workbook is fixed.
  • Issue with RefersToRange for table named ranges is fixed.
  • Image class conflict between Compression and XlsIO is resolved.
  • Issue with position of dynamically added combo boxes in first column is fixed.
  • Excel document with scatter chart can be resaved properly.
  • Embedded chart with image format header or footer can be viewed without corruption and exception.
  • Issue with incorrect row count in table column formula is fixed.
  • Image from an embedded chart header or footer can be accessed now.
  • Corruption issue when resaving the Excel document with continuous external named ranges is fixed.
  • Corruption issue when resaving the Excel document with charts is fixed.
  • Issue with adding hyperlinks collection when adding shapes is fixed.
  • Fixed various issues while copying range and worksheets.
  • Fixed various issue in formulas and named ranges.