Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

July 3, 2017


Bug Fixes

  • #180409 - Field results are preserved properly while performing Mail merge execution.
  • #180588 - German culture texts are preserved properly while importing and exporting a HTML document.
  • #180115 - List number is preserved properly while loading a RTF document.
  • #181317, #180770 - NullReferenceException will no longer thrown while resaving a Word document.
  • #181263 - Shape missing issue has been resolved while resaving a Word document.



  • Title placement support provided in BusyIndicator.


Bug Fixes

  • #177186 - Now OnMonthCellLoaded event fired 42 times.

  • #180469 - While clicking new month corresponding day only highlighted in iOS.

  • #179940 - Now there is no flickering while selecting a date in SfCalendar.

  • #181247,#181959,#182128 - Now TodayTextColor API and month change swiping animation is working as expected.


  • DayHeader Text Alignment support provided in calendar.

  • Deselect the already selected date by code support provided in calendar.


Bug fixes

  • #181610 - GetStream() method will no longer throw System.ObjectDisposedException.
  • #180383 - Now the color of data markers connector line is same as series color when UseSeriesPalette property is enabled.


Bug Fixes

  • # I177808,I181049 -Now RangePointer.EnableAnimation property will work properly.
  • #I180385,I181542 -CircularGauge no longer will throw “Underflow in restore - more restores than saves” exception when it’s get deployed in Android version 6.0.1 or higher.



  • Selection Animation - Extensibility to animate the selected rows upon selection has been provided.
  • Support for RowDragAndDrop using mouse in Xamarin.Forms.UWP desktop platform has been provided.

Bug fixes

  • #180915, #181185 – SfDataGrid crashes when grouping if bound with complex data has been fixed.
  • #182119 – Grid does not clear rows when collection is cleared if header row height is zero has been fixed.
  • #180353 – Values in unbound column not refreshed when editing the bound data has been fixed
  • #178917 – Last row is not fully appearing while using QueryRowHeight has been fixed.



  • #179890 - Exposed a “DeferredUpdateDelay” property to specify a delay after which range will be updated.

Bug fixes

  • #179590 - The issue with improper selected range has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #F129473 -LinearGauge Scale labels will render properly if the interval value is given in decimal in Xamarin.Forms platform


Bug Fixes

  • #180507 - Sticky group header is displayed properly when SfListView has only one collapsed group.
  • #180210 - Exception is no longer thrown when binding different type of object to item in SfListView.
  • #179579 - SfListView is updated properly when scroll to end by ScrollToRowIndex after ItemsSource is changed at runtime.
  • #180913 - ItemHolding event is now triggered only once when ListViewItem has background color in Android platform.
  • #181021 - ListViewItem is now layout properly in horizontal orientation when SfListView has only one item.
  • #181656, 182332, 182110 - ListViewItem is now displayed properly when add an item at runtime if SfListView has empty ItemsSource.
  • #181021 - Footer is now displayed properly when on-screen SoftKey appears in UWP platform.


Bug Fixes

  • #181318 - Now Keyboard appeared whenever focus the editor control inside the NavigationDrawer.

  • #180869 - Now all the transition properties in NavigationDrawer works.


Bug Fixes

  • #177747 - Now keyboard will not be shown if the visibility of the NumericTextBox is collapsed.

  • #177747 - Now keypad will be shown at a single tap on NumericTextBox.


  • Negative number entering support provided to NumericTextBox in iOS


Bug Fixes

  • #179787 - Now, with the long pressing on Increment and Decrement button will not be in depressed state.

SfPdfViewerControl Preview

Bug Fixes

  • #179008 - Exception will no longer be thrown when loading the PDF document in SfPdfViewer placed in TabbedPage of Xamarin.Forms


Bug fixes

  • #180916 - Now, recursive appointments are rendered properly in inline view based on the count of appointments. (Android)
  • #181120 - Now, text label in inline view which displays the time duration of appointment are rendered properly with padding space. (iOS)
  • #177517 - Now, recursive appointments are reset properly when adding appointments through CellTapped event. (UWP)
  • #177517 - Now, BackgroundColor of SelectionStyle will work properly. (UWP)


Bug Fixes


Bug fixes

  • #180466 - Exception is no longer thrown while opening chart with value axis title.
  • #181226 - Exception is no longer thrown while opening particular file with shape’s offset value exceeding integer limit.
  • #180940 - Issue with font color when setting font style in conditional formats is fixed.
  • #181016 - Exception is no longer thrown while accessing LineStyle property of a shape in threading.
  • #178198 - Exception thrown on parsing the named range with complete file path is fixed.
  • #180478 - Issue with AutoFit when cell text contains line breaks is fixed.
  • #180329 - XML Exception is no longer thrown while parsing Excel file with chart having empty legend position.
  • #180337 - Line width is changed while changing series color for radar chart is fixed.
  • #180213 - Exception is thrown while parsing MissingItemsLimit property in pivot cache is resolved.
  • #179997 - Exception is no longer thrown while opening a chart with discontinuous filtered ranges.
  • #179874 - Default value is not set in Excel pivot table while applying Pivot filter is fixed.
  • #179874 - File corruption issue while applying pivot filter is resolved.
  • #179732 - File is no longer corrupted when table is created with merged cell ranges.
  • #181584 - Overflow exception while accessing Value property is fixed.
  • #179026 - Text is wrongly updated in shapes after add copying of worksheet is fixed.
  • #177928 - File size is not reduced after removing all worksheets is fixed.
  • #177314 - Security settings is enabled in portable platform for Excel 2003 file formats.
  • Excel file with pivot table no longer gets corrupted during AddCopy().
  • Corruption issue when resaving Excel file with group shapes is fixed.