Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

March 29, 2017


Bug Fixes

  • #173459, #172942 - No longer hangs while opening a particular DOCX format document.
  • #173517 - Table right border is now preserved properly while saving the particular RTF format document.
  • #173567 - Custom properties result is now preserved properly while updating document fields for a particular Word document.
  • #174511 - Table border is now preserved properly while converting a particular Word document as HTML.
  • #174834, #174894 - Table rows now preserved properly when accepting the track changes.
  • #174246 - NullReferenceException will no longer thrown while refreshing a chart element using DocIO.


Bug Fixes

  • #173882 - The inner color of the ellipse and circle annotations are now preserving properly when flattening the annotation.
  • #174433 - Null reference exception no longer occurs when loading the PDF document
  • #172945 - Named destination is now supported when merging PDF documents.
  • #172848 - Preservation issues will not occur while flattening PDF form fields.
  • #170584 - File size is not increased when importing single page from the PDF document.
  • Exception will not occur when adding bookmark to larger PDF document.



  • #168464 - Added support to create and modify comments in PowerPoint presentations

Bug Fixes

  • #174113 - The merged PowerPoint presentation will no longer get corrupted while merging cloned slides from PowerPoint presentations
  • #173849, #173493 - The merged PowerPoint presentation will no longer get corrupted while merging slides from different PowerPoint presentations
  • #174190 - No more exceptions thrown while creating a new presentation by merging cloned slides from different PowerPoint presentations in multi-threading environment
  • #174295 - Replaced text in a PowerPoint presentation will be no longer marked as spelling error


Bug Fixes

  • #129196,#175319 - Now we can Remove the predefined Watermark text.

  • #174791,#129196 - The TextSize and DropDownTextSize API has shown same has Entry in Xamarin

  • #172929 - Now DataSource in AutoComplete supports with asynchronous collection of data.


Bug Fixes

  • #173953 - Now the SfBusyIndicator works as expected with device orientation change.
  • #173144 - Now Box type BusyIndicator’s animation works correctly.


Bug Fixes

  • #175462 - Now month names are correct in EU localization format.
  • #129225,#129242 - With RangeSelection mode, we can access the selected dates from SelectionChanged Event.
  • #174404 - Now BlackoutDates are updated dynamically in Android.
  • #174020 - Now Calendar’s tapped Event fire with MultiSelection mode in iOS.
  • #173440,#175179 - Active month cells with disabled color issue has been fixed in Android.
  • #173440 - Now issue with Weekend TextColor has been fixed in Android.
  • #173364- Now calendar in UWP is working fine with disabling the API IsVisible.
  • #173267- Now SfCalendar style is applied correctly.
  • #173138 - Now issue with FirstDayOfWeek has been fixed in UWP.


Bug Fixes

  • #173956  -  Tooltip will display properly when touching in narrow spikes in AreaSeries.


Bug Fixes

  • #174557 - Issue with multiple scales displayed when rotating the circularGauge has been fixed(iOS).


Bug Fixes

  • #173284  -  “System.NullReferenceException” has been fixed while navigating from NavigationPage which has SfKanban.


Bug Fixes

  • #173957 - Now, size of the symbol pointer will change correctly when changing the Thickness value(Android & iOS).

  • #173901 - Issue with range value updating incorrectly, when the MinimumValue of linear gauge is set to any value other than zero has been fixed.

SfListView Preview


  • #173257 - Provided support to change the scrollbar visibility.
  • #174947 - Provided support to bind the underlying data from derived class by specifying that type in SourceType property of DataSource.

Bug Fixes

  • #172270 - In UWP, now it is possible to load horizontal SfListView as an item of vertical SfListView.
  • #172553 - Size of the first group header won’t changed even after expanding it.
  • #172557 - Exception is no longer thrown when the group key is null.
  • #171879, 173167, 173514 - Exception is no longer thrown when SfListView is removed from custom ContentView.
  • #172730 - Warning is no longer shown when complex property is bind to ListViewItem.
  • #173151, 129310 - Exception is no longer thrown when SfListView is opened in Xamarin Previewer(Designer).
  • #173394, 174143 - In UWP, Swiping is now working properly when swipe the item using mouse.
  • #173542 - When ListViewItem is swiped, the NavigationDrawer’s drawer content view will not be opened.
  • #174440 - ListView items are updated properly while adding item at runtime in GridLayout.
  • #174074 - Selected items are now cleared properly when clear from the SelectionChanged event.
  • #129260 - In UWP, GroupHeaderItem is now updated properly when group descriptor is removed and then added at runtime.
  • #175519 - ListView items are now layout properly when SpanCount is changed at runtime in GridLayout.


Bug Fixes

  • #174338,#175084 - ListView has support for NavigationDrawer in android

SfPdfViewer Preview

Bug Fixes

  • #173153 - Application will not crash while loading the PDF document in PDF viewer Xamarin.Forms Android.


Bug Fixes

  • #173577 - Labels has shown correctly in iOS.


Bug Fixes

  • #174392,#129290,#175837 - Now we can reset the value to zero using Value API.


Bug Fixes

  • #174483 - Now ArgumentOutOfRangeException has been fixed when removing items from the ItemsSource.
  • #173371 - Now Image’s cropping issue in UWP has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #172714  -  Now, Schedule Forward method is working properly (Android).
  • #174025  -  Now, Schedule MonthView dates are rendered properly based on TimeZone (iOS). 
  • #173258  -  Now, Schedule Appointments are rendering properly in MonthView while navigating to other months (Android).
  • #173677  -  Now, ScheduleAppointment intersection is working properly while adding Appointments at the same time (Android).
  • #173256  -  Now, RecurrenceRule properties are working properly in Proguard setting of the application with Android.
  • #172731  -  Now, Schedule performance has been improved while adding ScheduleAppointment throughVisibleDatesChanged event (UWP).

  • #173786  -  Now, Custom View will occupy the entire ScheduleAppointment while setting inOnAppointmentLoaded event (Android). 
  • #175294  -  Now, Custom View will intersect properly when the appointments are in the same time inOnAppointmentLoaded event (iOS).
  • #167647  -  Now, ScheduleAppointmentCollection will be cleared properly on dynamic update in MonthView (Android).
  • #173096  - Now, Schedule MonthView Inline appointment are localized properly.


Bug fixes

  • #173466 - Exception while parsing Excel documents with invalid named range in charts has been fixed.
  • #175311 - Exception is no longer thrown while clearing ranges for empty worksheet.
  • #175311 - Exception is no longer thrown while adding external workbook with invalid named ranges.
  • #172529 - Issue with copying external formula string in CopyTo method is fixed.
  • #173735 - Issue with copying a cell value with hyperlink is fixed.
  • #173465 - Issue with spaces in hyperlinks is fixed.
  • #173893 - Formula with custom function is updated properly when named range is removed from workbook.
  • #173674 - Row insertion issue in Excel table with “Template Markers” is resolved.
  • #173808 - Data missing issue while re-saving an Excel document is resolved.
  • Performance is improved while adding multiple text filters in filters collection.
  • Exception is no longer thrown while opening a workbook with ParseWorksheetsOnDemand option.
  • Exception is no longer thrown while opening Excel documents with invalid formula.
  • Exception is no longer thrown while opening workbook with background images.
  • Exception is no longer thrown while parsing external worksheets.
  • Exception is no longer thrown while opening a workbook with chart using ParseWorksheetsOnDemand option.
  • CalculatedValue now returns proper time value.
  • Filters applied is no longer removed when sorting is applied to a filtered range.
  • TopVisibleRow and LeftVisibleColumn are now applied properly.
  • Issue with visibility of comments in binary files is fixed.
  • Issue with RTF text in merged cells is fixed.
  • Range intersection issue for multiple ranges is resolved.