Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

October 1, 2015



  • #140303 - Accordion provides option to add new items dynamically by using the “addItem” method


  • #144588 - While disabling the accordion item, it collapses.



  • #143425 - Exception is no more thrown in nested Mail merge with Implicit data.

  • #143741 - .NET Native compilation warning is no more shown in CompoundFile.Base.

  • #142221 - Table content preservation issue is now resolved during Mail merge in Word 2010.

  • #142950 - Upper format preservation issue is now resolved in merge field.

  • #142985 - Null reference exception is no more thrown in FindSingleLine method.

  • #142929 - Number format preservation issue is resolved in UpdateDocumentFields method.

  • #144344 - Null reference exception is no more thrown while inserting IF Field in DocIO.

  • #142498 - Boolean properties preservation issue in text format while open and save the Word document is resolved.

  • #141795 - Table cell content loses issue when cloning and saving in DOC format Word document is resolved.

  • #141736 - Null reference exception no longer occurs while saving the document.

  • #141351 - Header content and pages increased issue while updating document fields in DOC format Word document is resolved.

  • #141119 - Table preservation issue after importing the document is resolved now.

  • #141091 - Issue with Numbering styles have been duplicated when importing the document content is resolved now.

  • #141020 - Null Reference Exception is no longer thrown when SDTContent property is null.

  • #140621 - Document corruption issue while cloning the document contents to destination document is fixed now.

  • #140477 - Footnote number preservation issue in DOC format Word document is fixed.

  • #139214 - Loading the generated document no longer throws Error Message.

  • #138961 - Corruption and Macro preservation issue while saving in DOCM format Word document has been resolved.

  • #139071, #137971 - “IndentFromLeft” property value is now set to zero.

  • #142765 - Online image path is now preserved in DocIO library.

  • #140582 - Highlight color preservation issue in RTF is fixed.

  • #141302 - Replace functionality is now working properly when the corresponding item is previously cloned using DocIO.

  • #143827 - Font name preservation issue with bullet list character during RTF to DOCX conversion.



  • #143004 - Dynamically added columns are now visible while using PDF Grid.

  • #139960 - Getting error when try to add the new signature field in existing PDF document is now resolved .

  • #140847 - Data is preserved when apply flatten to form fields in particular PDF document.

  • #142394 - Font has been modified when draw the graphic elements into the particular loaded document is now resolved.

  • #141841 - Exception occurs while loading a PDF document is now resolved.

  • #142220,#142251 - Images are not corrupted while drawing a particular TIFF image to PDF document.

  • #141852 - ArgumentOutOfRangeException no more occurs when loading a particular PDF document.

  • #141850 - Text Position issue no more occurs while setting a value to PdfLoadedTextbox.

  • #141860 - Getting wrong PDF fields issue is resolved while trying to get the fields after removing it from the LoadedDocument.

  • #140715 - Exception does not occur while getting the PDF Bookmark destination.

  • #140311 - Index out of range exception no more occurs while merging the particular PDF document.

  • #140266 - While flattening the form fields, double quotes changes to question mark issue is now resolved.

  • #142154 - Getting wrong bookmark title for particular document is resolved.

  • #141337 - Signature field verification issue while merging the document is now resolved.

  • #140839 - Image is visible in PDF page while drawing.

  • #140362,#142054 - Exception does not occur while merging the signed PDF document.

  • #140267,#140740 - Exception no more occurs while disabling EnableCache in PdfDocument.

  • #137634 - PDF Grid cell contents are displayed properly when font size is set equal to the grid cell heights.

  • #141837,#141620 - Additional pages are not added while converting HTML to PDF by using WebkitHtmlConvert.

  • #142337 - When using WebkitHtmlConverter, CSS styles can be applied.

  • #138846 - Content preservation(Bold style and list bullet missing) issue in emf to PDF conversion is resolved.



  • #144071 - AutoComplete Text property will return its text



  • #140125 - Data Matrix barcode with large size could be detected.



  • Now chart supports to render all the pie and doughnut data points with in any sector.

  • Chart control adds support to change the angle of the data marker label.

  • Now Chart supports pyramid and funnel series.

  • Now Chart supports updating the existing data point values.

Breaking change

  • Now, Circular series end angle will not be adjusted based on the start angle, so the output will be like semi-circle instead of full circle. In order to render the complete circular series with customized start angle, you have to add the start angle value to end angle property now. This break will occur only if you have specified startAngle already.



  • #142622 - Gauge range values does not change dynamically in Xamarin.Forms issue is now resolved.

  • #140074 - NumberOfDecimalDigits and Header-Text-Binding issue in Xamarin (WinPhone) are fixed.



  • Support for LoadMore has been provided.

  • Support for PullToRefresh has been provided.

  • Support for Exporting to Excel and Exporting to PDF has been provided.


  • Binding support for GridColumn to associate a column with a property in the data source has been provided.

  • #144169 - DataGrid crashes on scrolling when giving null input for columns issue is resolved.



  • #142686 - ValueChanged event will be firing once when value is changed

  • #142758 - TwoWay binding will work properly

  • #143551 - SoftKeypad will be displayed with first click

  • #142686 - Value changed event is firing twice issue is now resolved.

  • #143551 - NumericTextKey pad pops after second click issue is fixed.



  • #140394, #140557 - ThumbInterval support and Separate events for RangeStart and RangeEnd support has been provided

  • #140548 - CustomLabel Support has been provided



  • #139737 - Data validations in extension list is no longer lost while resaving in XlsIO.

  • #139986 - Hanging issue is now resolved.

  • #140485 - Background color is missing in XlsIO is now resolved.

  • #140873 - File no longer gets corrupted due to repeated data validations during CopyTo().

  • #140888 - Cell Formatting is now proper in XlsIO.

  • #141140, #119555 - Null reference exception is no more thrown.

  • #141188 - Excel overlapping scenario using merged ranges is now resolved.

  • #141200 - RTF issues with line breaks are resolved.

  • #141287, #143511 - ParseException is no more thrown at parsing the formula of an Excel file.

  • #141357 - FormatException is no more thrown.

  • #141360 - Date format loss in display text having formulas in XlsIO is now resolved.

  • #141373 - ApplicationException is no more thrown while opening a file in XlsIO.

  • #141529 - Time Formatting issue in XlsIO is now resolved.

  • #141783, #142874, #144317 - DataValidations are missed while resaving in XlsIO is now resolved.

  • #141835, #142140 - XlsIO throws out of memory exception and takes a long time to perform AutoFitColumns is now fixed.

  • #141904 - Chart Data Range is updated properly while inserting a new range.

  • #142117, #144113 - Custom DateTime formatting issues in XlsIO is now resolved.

  • #142165 - Performance issue while accessing IRange.RowHeight property in XlsIO is now resolved.

  • #142285 - Number format contains escape sequences issue is now fixed.

  • #142507 - Display Text Property dropping last “0” character in cell is now resolved.

  • #142530 - Protecting an unprotected sheet, no more throws an exception in binary file.

  • #142611 - Row height is properly updated in copied worksheets.

  • #142740, #143592 - Parsing a workbook with shapes no more throws argument exception.

  • #142755 - ParseException is no more thrown while accessing IRange.ConditionalFormats property in XlsIO.

  • #142816 - PrintArea is null while changing the workbook version is now resolved.

  • #143378 - Named range now returns proper value in XlsIO.

  • #143460 - Access violation exception is no more thrown while closing the workbook.

  • #144471 - The outlineWrapper range is now properly updated while modifying the rows with in the group.

  • Issue with AutoFitColumns and AutoFitRow() method is fixed.

  • DataBar formatting is not applied to cell even if the cell value is blank or 0.

  • Exception is no more thrown while collapsing the inner outline level.

  • Issue in CopyStyles Options in XlsIO is now resolved.

  • Rounding value is now properly working in XlsIO.

  • InvalidOperationException is no more thrown while parsing CF of type 3Stars IconSet.

  • Display text is changed after creating the table format for the range is now resolved.

  • ArgumentOutOfRange Exception is no more thrown while adding empty formula of extern book.

  • Radar chart is now preserved properly while resaving an excel document.

  • Auto-Filter returns invalid results in XlsIO is now resolved.

  • First Condition property with AutoFilters is now working properly.

  • SecondCondition property with AutoFilters is now working properly.

  • IsFirstCondition is now working in AutoFilters.

  • IsAnd property is working Incorrectly in AutoFilters is now resolved.

  • IsSecondCondition property is working properly in AutoFilters.

  • Null reference exception is no more thrown while parsing the data bar for Conditional Format.

  • Parsing support is now provided for Data bar properties in XlsIO.

  • Duplicate CF added is removed, when CF have Data bar type.

  • Default conditional value type “Automatic” support is now provided for Data bar in XlsIO.

  • Exception is no more thrown at parsing chart sheet.

  • Sorting is incorrect when apply sorting for column containing both number and text is now fixed.

  • Applying a cell style removes the existing cell style is resolved.

  • Copying and pasting a table with styles is working properly in XlsIO.

  • Destination cell value is cleared when copying a range with CopyStyles option is now resolved.

  • Chart Area Fill color is now preserved while cloning the workbook.

  • Argument out of range exception is no more thrown while opening a CSV file using XlsIO.

  • DateTime is serialized when DataValidation AllowType property as Time is now resolved.

  • ConditionalFormat is now applied properly in XlsIO.

  • IShape.IsShapeVisible property is always true for hidden image is now resolved.

  • LeftBorderLineStyle of ExtendedFormatImpl returns wrong value is now fixed.

  • XlsIO returns incorrect icon set format style while import on Default is now resolved.

  • Reverse order for icon set was not properly handled at parsing is fixed.

  • Not a legal oleaut date while opening CSV file is now resolved.

  • IRange.Comment property returns value instead of Null is now resolved.

  • Conditional Format order is different in XlsIO is now fixed.

  • Argument Exception is no more thrown while opening the input file having form Control.

  • Chart is preserved properly when an excel file is resaved.

  • ThrowNotSavedOnDestroy property while closing a workbook is implemented.

  • Styles are preserved even the hyperlinks where removed from the sheet object is now resolved.

  • Resaving a file fails to preserve scheme color of a shape is now resolved.