Define Range in Xamarin ProgressBar (Progress Bar)

17 May 20211 minute to read

Range represents the entire span of the progress bar and can be defined using the Minimum and Maximum properties. The default value of the range is 0 to 100.

The following code sample demonstrates how to customize the range as factor value to the progress bar.

<!--Using linear progress bar-->

<progressBar:SfLinearProgressBar x:Name="LinearProgressBar" Minimum="0" Progress="0.5" Maximum="1"/>

<!--Using circular progress bar-->

<progressBar:SfCircularProgressBar x:Name="CircularProgressBar" Minimum="0" Progress="0.5" Maximum="1"/>
// Using linear progress bar.

this.LinearProgressBar.Minimum = 0;

this.LinearProgressBar.Maximum = 1;

this.LinearProgressBar.Progress = 0.5;

// Using circular progress bar.

this.CircularProgressBar.Minimum = 0;

this.CircularProgressBar.Maximum = 1;

this.CircularProgressBar.Progress = 0.5;