Transform latitude and longitude value to pixel value and vice-versa

19 Oct 20222 minutes to read

SfMaps offers two utility methods to transform the pixel values to longitude and latitude values and vice-versa. This method is used for both ShapeFileLayer and ImageryLayer.

  • GeopointToViewPoint(double latitude, double longitude) - Converts the latitude and longitude values to screen point. Here, pass the parameters as latitude and longitude values, from that values we can get screen points x and y.
  • GetLatLonFromPoint(Point point) - Converts the screen point to longitude and latitude values. Here, pass the parameters as screen points x and y, from that points we can get longitude(Point.X) and latitude(Point.Y) values.
  • XAML
  • <maps:SfMaps x:Name="sfmap"  >
                        <maps:ShapeFileLayer x:Name="layer" Uri="world-map.shp">
                                <maps:MapMarker x:Name="marker" 
  • C#
  • Point pixelPoint = layer.GeopointToViewPoint(21.00, 78.00);
    Point longitudeLatitude = layer.GetLatLonFromPoint(pixelPoint);
    marker.Latitude = longitudeLatitude.Y.ToString();
    marker.Longitude = longitudeLatitude.X.ToString();

    Latitude longitude to point and vice versa in Xamarin.Forms Maps