Placeholder in Xamarin Kanban Board (SfKanban)

13 May 20212 minutes to read

The placeholder is to denote a card’s new position in the KanbanColumn. It will appear while dragging a card over the column.

Placeholder style

PlaceholderStyle property is used to customize the placeholder. Following KanbanPlaceholderStyle properties are used to customize its appearance.

  • BackgroundColor - This property is used to change the background color of the placeholder.
  • BorderColor - This property is used to change the border color of the placeholder.
  • BorderThickness - This property is used to change the border width of the placeholder.
  • StrokeDashArray - This property is used to change the dashes of the placeholder border.
  • FontSize - This is used to change the text size of the placeholder.
  • TextColor - This property is used to change the text color of the placeholder.

Following properties are used to customize the selected category when you have more than one category in a column.

The following code example describes the above behavior.

<kanban:SfKanban.PlaceholderStyle >

<kanban:KanbanPlaceholderStyle FontSize="16"


KanbanPlaceholderStyle style = new KanbanPlaceholderStyle();

style.FontSize = 20;
style.TextColor = Color.Green;
style.BackgroundColor = Color.FromRgb(239, 89, 123);
style.BorderColor = Color.Blue;
style.BorderThickness = 2;
style.StrokeDashArray = new double[] { 1, 1 };

style.SelectedFontSize = 20;
style.SelectedTextColor = Color.Red;
style.SelectedBorderColor = Color.Yellow;
style.SelectedBackgroundColor = Color.FromRgb(0, 255, 0);
style.SelectedBorderThickness = 2;
style.SelectedStrokeDashArray = new double[] { 2, 1 };

kanban.PlaceholderStyle = style;

The following output demonstrates the above code example.

PlaceholderStyle support for Xamarin.Forms Kanban