Xamarin Chips Overview

13 May 20211 minute to read

The chips control for Xamarin.Forms presents information in an interactive and customizable layout. It also arranges multiple chips in a user-preferred layout and groups them to make selections.

Key Features

  • Supports using StackLayout, FlexLayout, Grid, AbsoluteLayout, and RelativeLayout as a layout for adding and arranging chips.
  • Provides options to choose from four different types: Input, Choice, Filter, and Action, each chip has different behavior as a group.
  • Allows you make single and multiple selections in the Choice and Filter chips, respectively.
  • Provides a way to add a view at the end of the group using the Input type chips.
  • Has Command support for the chip group and individual chips in Action chips type.
  • Provides user-friendly customization support to customize the corner radius, border color, border thickness, text color, background color, close button color, selection indicator color, etc.

overview of chips control