Accessibility in Xamarin Carousel View (SfCarousel)

22 Aug 20221 minute to read

The SfCarousel control has built-in AutomationId for inner elements. The AutomationId API allows the automation framework to find and interact with the inner elements of the SfCarousel control. To keep unique AutomationId, these inner elements’ AutomationIds are updated based on the control’s AutomationId.

For example, if you set SfCarouselItem’s AutomationId as “Person”, then the automation framework will interact the fourth carousel item as “Person SfCarouselItem 4 of 6” (6 denotes the total count).

The following screenshot illustrates the AutomationIds of inner elements. If the SfCarousel’s AutomationId as Gallery, then the Automation framework will interact the LoadMore as “Gallery LoadMore. Tap to load more items”. You cannot interact with the carousel item when you want to select an index that is not visible in the view.


You cannot provide AutomationId when the carousel item is populated with custom template.

AutomationId Image