Getting Started

6 Sep 20171 minute to read

This section explains you the steps to configure a Rotator control in a real-time scenario and also provides a walk-through on some of the customization features available in Rotator control.

Referencing Essential Studio Components in Your Solution

After installing Essential Studio for Xamarin, you can find all the required assemblies in the installation folders, typically:

{Syncfusion Installed location}\Essential Studio {version number}\lib

You have to add the following assembly reference to the iOS unified project


Add SfRotator

  • Adding namespace for the added assemblies.
using Syncfusion.SFRotator.iOS;
  • Now add the SfRotator control with a required optimal name by using the included namespace.
SFRotator  rotator  = new SFRotator();

Setting Navigation Mode

SfRotator provides option to display the navigating items either in Thumbnail or Dots mode. The navigation mode for navigating items can be decided using NavigationMode property.

rotator.NavigationStripMode = SFRotatorNavigationStripMode.Dots;

Customizing Position

The placement position of navigation strip items such as Thumbnail or Dots can be customized in SfRotator. This can be specified using NavigationStripPosition property.

rotator.NavigationStripMode = SFRotatorNavigationStripMode.Dots;
	rotator.NavigationStripPosition = SFRotatorNavigationStripPosition.Bottom;