14 Jun 20191 minute to read

Tooltip provides additional information about objects that are unfamiliar to users and are not directly displayed in UI. In the Xamarin.iOS SfRating control, tooltip shows the data of Value. It will be displayed when a rating item is selected and will be disappeared when the rating item is unselected.

Set Tooltip Placement

Rating control provides ToolTip support with rating value using TooltipPlacement property.


By default, this property value is set to None.


The ToolTip will display on top of the SfRating control.

rating.TooltipPlacement = SFRatingTooltipPlacement.TopLeft;

Tooltip at Top


The tooltip will display on bottom of the SfRating control.

  • C#
  • rating.TooltipPlacement = SFRatingTooltipPlacement.BottomRight;

    Tooltip at Bottom


    It is used to invisible the tool tip in the SfRating control.

    rating.TooltipPlacement = SFRatingTooltipPlacement.None;

    No tooltip

    Set ToolTip Precision

    The ToolTipPrecision property sets the number precisions to be displayed after decimal point in ToolTip.


    The default value of ToolTip precision is 1.

    rating.TooltipPrecision = 6;

    Tooltip precision