Localization in Xamarin.iOS PDF viewer

22 Sep 20221 minute to read

Localization is the process of configuring the application to a specific language. PdfViewerControl supports to localize its static text.

SfPdfViewer uses the following static text that can be localized in application level:

Keyword Text(English)
sfpdfviewer_copy Copy
sfpdfviewer_highlight Highlight
sfpdfviewer_underline Underline
sfpdfviewer_strikeout Strikeout
sfpdfviewer_continuouspagemode Continuous Pages
sfpdfviewer_singlepagemode Page By Page
sfpdfviewer_done Done
sfpdfviewer_Ok OK
sfpdfViewer_signaturepad_title Create Signature
sfpdfViewer_signaturepad_cancel Cancel
sfpdfViewer_signaturepad_clear Clear
sfpdfviewer_signaturepad_done Done
sfpdfviewer_bookmarks_title Bookmark
sfpdfviewer_no_bookmarks_text No Bookmark
sfpdfviewer_pagenavigationalert_title Go to page
sfpdfviewer_pagenavigationalert_message Enter page Number
sfpdfviewersearchplaceholdertext Enter text to search
sfpdfviewer_searchresult_title Search Result
sfpdfviewer_searchresult_nomatch No matches were found
sfpdfviewer_searchresult_nomoreoccurrence No more matches were found
sfpdfviewer_passwordalert_title Enter Password
sfpdfviewer_passwordalert_message Enter the password to open this PDF File
sfpdfviewer_passwordalert_errorText Invalid Password
sfpdfviewer_passwordalert_placeholder Password
sfpdfviewer_printalert_title Error
sfpdfviewer_printalert_message Password protected document cannot be printed
sfpdfviewer_printalert_ok OK
sfpdfviewer_undo Undo
sfpdfviewer_redo Redo
sfpdfviewer_save Save
sfpdfviewer_print Print
sfpdfviewer_scaleratio Scale Ratio
sfpdfviewer_hyperlink_title Open Web Page
sfpdfviewer_hyperlink_open Open
sfpdfviewer_hyperlink_message Do you want to open the page
sfpdfviewer_hyperlink_cancel Cancel

To localize the SfPdfViewer, follow the steps in application level:

Create Localizable.strings in resource file in iOS.

Location- ProjectName.iOS/Resources/fr-FR.lproj/Localizable.strings


In below screenshot we have localized the text in PDF Viewer in Xamarin.iOS from English to French language.

PDF Viewer with localized text

PDF Viewer in Xamarin.iOS