Clear all annotations (Text, Shapes, Paths, etc) from Image Editor

18 Dec 20211 minute to read

By invoking the ClearAnnotations method of SfImageEditor, you can clear all the annotations (Text, Shapes, Path, and CustomView) added in the image editor without resetting the other edits (Rotation, Flip, Crop, Effects, etc).

The following code sample demonstrates this.

  • C#
  • public partial class ViewController : UIViewController
        SfImageEditor imageEditor;
        public override void ViewDidLoad()
            imageEditor = new SfImageEditor();
            imageEditor.Frame = new CGRect(0, 50, this.View.Frame.Width, this.View.Frame.Height - 100);
            imageEditor.Image = UIImage.FromBundle("EditorBuilding1.png");
            UIButton ClearAnnotations = new UIButton();
            ClearAnnotations.SetTitle("Clear Annotations", UIControlState.Normal);
            ClearAnnotations.BackgroundColor = UIColor.LightGray;
            ClearAnnotations.TouchDown += ClearAnnotations_TouchDown;
            ClearAnnotations.Frame = new CGRect(0, this.View.Frame.Height - 50, this.View.Frame.Width, 50);
        private void ClearAnnotations_TouchDown(object sender, EventArgs e)

    ClearAnnotations support in Xamarin.iOS ImageEditor