ComboBoxModes in Xamarin.iOS ComboBox

2 Mar 20221 minute to read

The control provides you an option to show or select the dropdown items either by editing or non-editing the combobox textbox. The two combo box modes are,

  • Editable

  • Non-Editable


In editable mode the user can select an item from the dropdown list by either typing any string or clicking the dropdown button.

  • C#
  • combobox.IsEditable = true;

    Xamarin.iOS ComboBox Editable


    In non-editable mode users can select an item from the dropdown list only by clicking the drop-down button.


    The default ComboBoxModes is Non-Editable

  • C#
  • combobox.IsEditable = false;

    Xamarin.iOS ComboBox Non editable