2 Mar 2018 / 1 minute to read

The Essential Xamarin.iOS AutoComplete widget provides the suggestions while typing. The suggested text can be appended to the original text or it can be displayed in a drop-down list. Also provides a gesture friendly UI to perform operations like Suggest, Append and SuggestAppend.

Essential AutoComplete can be use in any search box.

Key Features

  • Watermark - The control shows the watermark text.

  • Autocomplete Mode - The control provides you with suggestions based on a predefined collection while typing.

  • Suggestion Mode - The suggestions list can be displayed with 8 types of search pattern.

  • AutoCompleteSource - A list of strings can be loaded to the control for displaying suggestions.

  • Multiple Selection - AutoComplete provides 2 different ways to select multiple items from the suggestion list. They are using Token representation and Delimiter.

  • Load More - Restrict the number of suggestions displayed and have the remaining items loaded by selecting LoadMore.

  • Header and Footer - Header and Footer content can be given in the top and bottom of the Suggestion list in SfAutoComplete.

  • Diacritic Sense - AutoComplete provides populating the items from a language with letters containing diacritics, and search for them with English characters from an en-US keyboard.

  • Highlighting Text - AutoComplete provides highlighting the matching text in the Suggestion list based on the input given in it.

  • Custom filter - AutoComplete provides the user to filter the item in the Suggestion list based on their filtering condition.