Auto-Scroll Limit in Xamarin Diagram (SfDiagram)

15 Sep 20211 minute to read

The auto-scroll limit allows you to define the scrollable region of the Diagram while the page is getting auto-scrolled. The AutoScrollLimit property of scroll settings class helps to limit the auto scrolling area. It includes the following options:

  • Infinity: Allows auto-scroll in all directions without any restriction.
  • Diagram: Allows auto-scroll within the Diagram content.
  • Limited: Allows auto-scroll within the specified area.

The default operation is Infinity.

//Initialize the SfDiagram.
SfDiagram diagram = new SfDiagram();
//Initialize the scroll setting with auto scroll limit and scrolling area.
diagram.ScrollSettings = new ScrollSettings()
    AutoScrollLimit = ScrollLimit.Limited,
    ScrollableArea = new Rect(0,0,1500,1500),
AutoScrollLimit Output
Infinity AutoScroll infinity
Diagram AutoScroll diagram
ScrollableArea = (0,0,1500,1500)
AutoScroll limited